Wiltshire Cricket

About Us

Wiltshire Cricket Limited is the governing body for Cricket in the county and is responsible for promoting and delivering all aspects of the recreational game. Wiltshire Cricket Limited is a company limited by guarantee and has been since October 2010 when the previous Wiltshire Cricket Board was dissolved and the new company was born. The work programme of Wiltshire Cricket Limited is based heavily around the strategies that are submitted annually to ECB as well as the national strategies that effect local initiatives. However, it is the delivery of the annual strategic plans that are critical to Wiltshire Cricket as their successful delivery accounts for 30% of the funding that the county receives from ECB.

Wiltshire Cricket Limited

Articles of Association

Now operating as an incorporated company, Wiltshire Cricket is governed by a board of 4 directors and 5 additional members who are as follows:


  • Chris Sheppard - Company Chairman
  • Chris Sykes - Finance Director
  • Peter Sykes - Cricket Development Manager
  • Steve Sadler - Non-exec Director
  • Brian Elliott - Non-exec Director
  • Rob Moyser - Non-exec Director


The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall management of Wiltshire Cricket Limited and is empowered to make all key decisions related to strategy, finance or the day to day running of the company unless restricted by the Companies Act, a special resolution or by the Articles of Association that govern Wiltshire Cricket.

The members of Wiltshire Cricket Limited are those listed above and they were selected due to their key stakeholder status within Cricket in Wiltshire. There are some key associations missing from the list, namely the Wiltshire Women and Girls Committee and the Wiltshire Coaches Association. The reason for their omission is that they are chaired by full time professional officers and so their voice comes through membership of the Wiltshire Cricket Operations Group.

Wiltshire Cricket Operations Group

The Wiltshire Cricket Operations Group meets on a quarterly basis and consists of all the directors and members above but also of all full time professional officers and the county Welfare Officer. Whilst the Board of Directors is responsible for the setting of strategy and vision for Wiltshire Cricket, this group's purpose is to monitor the delivery of Wiltshire Cricket's key strategies and to discuss and resolve any current issues that are prevalent within the county.