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Company Values

Wiltshire Cricket Limited Company Values

History of Company Values

As of the beginning of 2016, Wiltshire Cricket Limited (WCL) operated without a set of company values. As a result it was identified through the Cricket Board’s own self-assessment that the lack of company values could lead to inconsistencies in behaviour from either professional members of staff or Board members when representing Wiltshire Cricket. Consequently, the establishment of a set of company values was listed as an Action Plan priority for 2016.

Process of establishing Company Values

  • During April 2016, Peter Sykes (PS) held one to one meetings with all WCL professional staff at which their proposed company values were discussed.
  • It was stressed at the one to one meetings that not all values would necessarily be adopted as there would be a need for the final set to be quite concise, thus making them easy to adhere to
  • At the one to one meetings, the differences between values, behaviours and outcomes was discussed as there was some confusion between the three
  • At the conclusion of the one to one meetings, the proposals from across all meetings were considered and presented to the Board at their meeting on 19th April 2016. The aim from this meeting was to reach a conclusion on a final proposal for the WCL values
  • The ‘Proposal’ was presented to the WCL professional staff at the next team meeting, on Monday 25th April 2016. At this meeting, the final set of values was agreed

Expectations from Values

Wiltshire Cricket Limited realises that company values will only work if they are well communicated and adhered to. We also realise the challenge around having a small team of full time staff but also a much wider team of casual workers. However, we hope that the company values are simple and understandable as well as reasonable to those employees who only work for Wiltshire Cricket on a casual, part time basis.

Wiltshire Cricket is also very conscious of the need for people to be accountable to these values, and as such would welcome any feedback when somebody does something that is representative of the values in a positive manner, or equally if somebody does something which is deemed to be contrary to our values. In short, for the values to come to life, it is important that we are all accountable to them