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Future structure of league cricket - 2016 onwards

WEPL Restructure Projections Website - Read the article from May 2015 which details how clubs can track the projections of where they will play in 2016, based on current 2015 positions

Leagues release 2016 restructure details - Read the article from March 2015 which details how the Feeder Leagues and WEPL will implement the new structure for 2016 and the processes that they wlll follow

League Cricket in the region undergoes restructure - Read the article from February 2015

CDM, Peter Sykes, statement regarding future of league cricket - February 2015

From 2016 onwards, WEPL will be a 70 team linear structure.

Within this structure, there is no longer a 2nd team pyramid meaning that 2nd XIs currently playing in the WEPL 2nd XI pyramid will now be able to progress up and down within the same structure as their 1st XI, hence a completely linear structure has been created.

The new structure achieves the following:

  • Reduced travel (and day length) for those currently playing 1st XI Premier Two cricket.
  • Reduced overs played (and day length) for 1st XI tier 4 players.
  • Reduced day length and increasing challenging opposition for those currently playing 2nd XI Premier Two cricket.
  • Reduced travel for those currently playing 2nd XI Premier Two cricket.
  • All teams at all levels to incur either the same or reduced travelling
  • Provides the strongest quality of cricket possible for all clubs and their teams.
  • Provides meaningful cricket for 2nd XIs (and 3rds, 4ths etc).
  • Creates fluidity that will allow cricket teams to reach their potential and to find the level appropriate to their players’ abilities.
  • Solves promotion and relegation problems (geography and simplicity) within 1st and 2nd XI structures of WEPL.
  • Minimises and ensures avoidance of unnecessary travel.

During 2015, teams from both WEPL and the Wiltshire County Cricket League will be playing for their places in the new structure with a full understanding of how the new structure will be introduced and how the placement of teams will work.

West of England Premier League (WEPL)

The West of England Premier League is the ECB Premier League for clubs in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Somerset. WEPL currently governs the first four tiers of club cricket across the three counties and also runs a shadow 2nd XI pyramid for the clubs in those top four divisions. (Please note this is changing from 2016 onwards - see above)

The 4-tiered league is host to highly competitive cricket that boasts many contracted players from the 2 first class counties as well as a large number of the Wiltshire Minor Counties side.

As well as offering high quality cricket WEPL also looks to support cricket development in a wider context through:

  • Offering subsidies to WEPL clubs that send candidates through ACO Level 1 umpiring courses.
  • Offering small grants to clubs within the WEPL pyramid.
  • Wokring closely with county ACOs to allow them to appoint to home county matches in tiers 3 and 4 of WEPL. (A premier panel of WEPL umpires is selected on annual basis to officiate in Premier 1 and Premier 2).

WEPL also has dedicated sub committees to look at things such as facilities, pitch markings and discipline. All in all, the League is committed to ensuring that all aspects of the games such as grounds, wickets and umpiring are of the highest possible standard so that it attracts the standard of player that can help the league to grow in stature and reputation in the future.

2015 Fixtures are out now!

WEPL 1st XI fixtures 2015

WEPL 2nd XI fixtures 2015

Surridge Wiltshire County Cricket League (WCCL)

The Wiltshire County Cricket League is a member of Wiltshire Cricket Limited and is a county based organisation that feeds in to the WEPL structure (see above). The WCCL currently consists of 8 divisions, combining a mixture of some 3rd and 4th XIs (whose 1st and 2nd XIs are within WEPL), as well as some 1st and 2nd XIs.

The WCCL is an excellently run league with a very well organised and dedicted committee. Similarly to WEPL the league also tries to support cricket development through the following initatives:

  • Funding subsidies for Coach Education courses for candidates from clubs within WCCL.
  • Funding subsidies for umpiring and scoring courses for candidates from clubs within WCCL.
  • A small grants scheme for clubs within WCCL.
  • Working closely with the Wiltshire Groundsmans Association to offer support and advice to clubs that received poor pitch markings.

The Wiltshire County Cricket League offers fantastic opportunities for all different types of clubs and recognises that there are very ambitious clubs within the league striving for promotion into WEPL whereas there are other clubs happy to play at a laevel that is enjoyable and sociable. For all of these clubs there is support in place relevant to their needs.

2014 season

Divisional detals for 2014 have now been completed and are available here

ECB Southern Premier League

Whilst Wiltshire sides generally feed into the West of England Premier League, some clubs from the South of the County compete or feed in to the Southern Premier League. For example South Wilts CC are currently competing in the Southern Premier League Division 1.

The Southern Premier League is a very well run league. Its feeder league is the Hampshire County League that also contains several southern based Wiltshire clubs.