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National Cricket Playing Survey 2014

Message from Pete Sykes, Wiltshire Cricket CDM

Earlier in the summer many of you kindly supported Wiltshire Cricket by either promoting or completing the National Cricket Playing Survey. For that, we would like to say a huge thank you.

In Wiltshire we received a fantastic response rate with 768 players in total completing the survey. We are acutely aware of the challenges that clubs and leagues are currently facing in terms of retaining players and so this level of response is allowing us to filter the results by specific divisions and specific age groups in order to understand exactly what players want from the game at different age groups and abilities.

Since the survey finished in July, Wiltshire Cricket has been working hard behind the scenes to analyse the results and is working with leagues to try and affect change.

Our work to date has included:

  • A presentation on Wiltshire youth cricket player survey results was delivered to the Wiltshire Youth Cricket League committee on 22nd September regarding reviews to under 15 and under 18 competitions. Changes and new formats were agreed at this meeting to be presented to clubs on 8th October
  • A Presentation on Wiltshire youth cricket player survey results was given to the Wiltshire Youth Cricket League clubs on 8th October with specific results from 14-18 year olds given. Changes and new formats were discussed and a follow up email has been sent with clubs given opportunity to feedback in advance of AGM in December
  • A presentation on Wiltshire County Cricket League specific results was delivered to Wiltshire County Cricket League committee on 30th September with specific results for all divisions of WCCL. Agreement was reached around earlier start times and a letter to be sent to Division 6 and 7 clubs regarding potential for reduced overs matches
  • Wiltshire County Cricket League AGM scheduled for 25th November at which results from survey will be presented by Wiltshire Cricket
  • We continue to attend monthly WEPL committee meetings. WEPL specific player survey results have been discussed at these meetings and a working group involving Wiltshire has been set up to review several different aspects of WEPL. Initial meeting scheduled for 23rd October
  • Meetings have been taking place with Swindon Midweek Cricket league over a number of different issues such as facilities.
  • A Wiltshire Cricket Club forum has been arranged for 17th November with a focus on player retention. There will be a full and in depth presentation on player survey results delivered at this meeting
  • Earlier in 2014, we launched a club support initiative through which all affiliated clubs have been allocated a Board member as their representative. These Board members have the remit of conducting face to face meetings with each of their clubs in order to complete an audit, raise topical issues but most importantly listen to the challenges that clubs are currently facing. The issue of player retention has been flagged up as key discussion topic at all meetings.

The club support programme and club forum, although not specific to league engagement, are essential elements of our player retention league engagement action plan as they are means of showing clubs how much we value their input and how much we are listening to their views in order to affect change in our league structures.

Our work with regards to the player survey results is just beginning. There are many other leagues, both Saturday and mid week that we still have to engage with and we will be doing so over the coming months.

Our Directors will also be continuing to conduct the face to face club support meetings through which we hope clubs will get the opportunity to raise their specific issues.

Finally, a big thank you for your support in promoting and possibly completing the 2014 National Cricket Playing Survey. If you would like to attend our club forum and hear more about the results please let me know as I will be happy to allocate you a place. The details are; Monday 17th November, 7pm – 9pm, Devizes Town Hall.

In the meantime I will leave you with two presentations (attached) to show just some of the results we have already analysed. These are the results specific to the Wiltshire County Cricket League and to youth cricketers.

Wiltshire County Cricket League 2014 National Cricket Playing Survey Results

Wiltshire Youth Cricket 2014 National Cricket Playing Survey Results

2014 National Cricket Playing Survey Review

The National Cricket Playing Survey 2014 took place during June and July 2014. It offeredoffers cricketers at every level the chance to have their say and help improve cricket in Wiltshire. In total 768 players completed the survey in Wiltshire – a fantastic response which will enable us to make very informed decisions regarding the future of club cricket in the county. In 2013, the feedback from the 2013 survey was used to influence local planning and thinking. For example, the Wiltshire Cricket Action Plan for 2014 includes a focus on:

  • Increased work place Cricket - 2013 results showed that 28% of lapsed cricketers between the ages of 26-44 gave work as the main reason for leaving the game
  • More under 18 competition - 2013 survey results showed that 87% of cricketers between the ages of 14-25 would consider returning to the game with an appropriate format being the most likely thing to attract them back
  • More local competition – Wiltshire Wallop - 2013 results showed that 47% of occasional and cameo cricketers are dissatisfied with the travel time associated with playing cricket
  • Increased opportunities for female cricketers - Only 7% of the Cricket population is made up of female cricketers
  • Review of local league structures

The results from the 2014 survey will be able to be broken down in to specific categories and demographics, meaning that leagues of all levels, including both Saturday, Sunday and mid week, will be able to look specifically at results related only to cricketers who completed the survey from a team in their league. Given the high number of responses, this data will have real value.

The survey also has the power to filter results by division, age bracket, gender or team. The high number of responses means will be able to review things such as start times, numbers of overs and playing formats with these reviews being very specific to each level of cricket. For example, the survey responses will allow us to look at how playing formats may need to differ from Division 1 of a league compared to Division 7 of a league.

The results from the 2014 survey will be available to Wiltshire Cricket by September giving us enough time to digest the results and provide any recommendations to our leagues ahead of the 2015. For example, Pete Sykes is already scheduled to attend the Wiltshire County Cricket League AGM in November where he will present the results and recommendations from the 2014 survey.