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ECB Sustainable Clubs

Sustainable Clubs

The ECB Places team has developed a new series of online resources to support clubs with becoming more sustainable. These resources directly support the ECB National Club Strategy which will be launched in the autumn of 2012 and that provides a framework from which all ECB-affiliated clubs can plan and invest for a sustainable future. Below is an overview as to what is available via the ECB website:

Sustainable Clubs

A short  animation has been produced which seeks to highlight the changes that might be considered to improve your club and provide opportunities for much needed income and cost savings. It walks the user through a typical club environment in terms of the social area, changing rooms and outdoor playing area and associated facilities.

The animation highlights the issues that your club should be aware of and gives advice as to where online support and resources can be accessed. For all of this please visit; www.ecb.co.uk/sustainableclubs

Sitting below the animation for sustainable clubs is a series of online support resources categorised under three sub headings; Water which includes information on how to deal with water restrictions or flooding , and provides top tips for saving water; Energy including specific advice on how to save energy; and Generating Income which highlights examples of best practice and provides information on initiatives which are available to help clubs generate income. Each of these sections are supported by video case studies and links to useful websites.


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Generating Income

Content on this section of the ECB website will constantly evolve, so please keep checking back regularly for updates on support and advice that is available to your clubs