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Calling all volunteers!

Calling All Volunteers

From the coaches and officials out in the field to the administrators, committee members and fundraisers, the development of cricket clubs relies on the continued willingness of volunteers to invest both their time and expertise.

Volunteers are the most valuable resource a cricket club has.  They are a priceless investment using their time, expertise, passion, quality, and patience for their community clubs.

Wiltshire Cricket Ltd aim to protect and support the resource by ensuring that all volunteers are treated equally and receive quality training, and are welcomed and supported by all clubs throughout the county.

Some of the volunteer roles may include:

  • Sports Leaders and Coaches;
  • Officials and umpires;
  • Administrators and Finance Officers;
  • Event Organisation and Management;
  • Driving, Ground Maintenance and Catering;
  • Everyone who helps behind the scenes to make cricket possible

Benefits to the volunteer

It is important that people involved in cricket at all levels recognise volunteers' efforts and support and reward those who volunteer within the game.

Equally as well as ‘giving’ to an organisation each volunteer will be getting something back – volunteering has many rewards and benefits for the individual.

  • Gain experience in a sports environment
  • Develop new skills and attributes
  • Be part of a club or community sports organisation
  • Enhance you employability and improve your CV
  • Give something back to the game

Benefits to the club or programme

Here are some quotes from volunteer organisers in sports programmes and clubs about the benefits of engaging with volunteers:

  • “Volunteer coaches and managers allow us to have more kids involved.”
  • “Volunteer work offers work experience to volunteers.”
  • “Because we are under-resourced we need volunteers to survive.”
  • “We want our club to be a community of people all working towards the same ends – the fact that people are willing to work for no financial pay shows that our cause is worth working for and that people aren’t clients.”
  • “Because we need the perceptions and experience of as wide a range of people as possible to help us do the work properly, for example people with disabilities, professional people and people from ethnic minorities.”
  • “Volunteers can provide much needed extra pair of hands.”
  • “Volunteers often have first-hand experience needed to run our club.”
  • “We can help volunteers get skills and experience that can help them get jobs in sport.”
  • “It is a way to keep ex-players involved in the cricket.”

Community benefits

Volunteering in cricket has the following benefits to your community:

  • Building a healthy population
  • Teaching the values of a healthy lifestyle
  • Building relationships of trust between different generations, genders and ethnic groups
  • Building community leadership and organisational capacity
  • Providing opportunities for individual and collective progression through training and development
  • Maintaining facilities which are of wider community benefit than simply for sports
  • Advancing standards of personal, community and national performance through the use of volunteer coaches
  • Providing non-cash based solutions to community capacity building, consistent with the objectives of community planning
  • Improving the wider availability/national capacity of motivational, people management and team co-ordination skills

Common questions

What can I do?
The most popular activity is probably coaching, however you can get involved in a wide variety of ways depending on your skills or interests. There are opportunities to coach, assist, organise events, fundraise, get involved in the committe of a local club.

Do I need to be fantastic at a sport?
No, you simply need interest and enthusiasm!

Do I need coaching qualifications?
The club should put you through any qualifications that you need to carry out your role. If funding is not available, it is possible to access funding. You may also get the opportunity to do other courses.

How much time do I need to have?
Most people volunteer on average 2-3 hours a week but there are also opportunities to volunteer more or less frequently.

Do I need a disclosure check?
The organisation will arrange to have a disclosure check done if you are in charge of children or vulnerable adults.

Who do I need to contact?
Pete Sykes Wiltshire Cricket Deveopment Manager

Telephone: 01249 445225, Email pete.sykes@wiltshirecricket.gov.uk

For more information, visit http://www.ecb.co.uk/development/volunteering