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Coach Education

Welcome to the Wiltshire Cricket Coaches home page. In this section of our website we will help you to:

Offering a quality Coach Education programme and opportunities for coaches to learn and develop is a big priority for Wiltshire Cricket. At the moment there are hundreds of coaches working across the county at club, district and county level and there is a huge amount of support available to coaches at each of these levels.

The ECB Coach Education Pathway

The diagram above shows the current Coach Education pathway for coaches.

In Wiltshire, we are responsible for delivering courses at the following levels within the above pathway:

The following levels of the pathway are managed by the ECB:

Other courses

On top of the ECB Coach Education pathway, Wiltshire Cricket also delivers other courses relevant to coaches, including:

ECB Coaches Association

Once you become a qualified coach you receive the opportunity to join the ECB Coaches Association. The ECBCA is the professional body for coaches in England and Wales and offers some fantastic services. In Wiltshire we are now encouraging all new coaches to join the ECBCA at the time of signing up to a new course.