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UKCC2 - ECB Certificates in Coaching Cricket

UKCC2 - Certificates in Coaching Cricket

The ECB UKCC2 certificate courses ask the potential coach candidate a couple of simple questions?

1. "With which group of players are you intending to predominently work?"

2. "How can you make your coaching sessions most appropriate to the players you coach?"

The answer to these two questions will direct you to one of the UKCC2 courses:

  • ECB Certificate in Coaching Children's Cricket (UKCC Level 2)
  • ECB Certificate in Coaching Young People and Adults' Cricket (UKCC Level 2)

If your coaching enviroment lends you to coaching children, then that is the course for you.  If you are already involved in working with young people and adults, then your option is the Young People and Adults course. 

Whichever course you decide to attend, the course content will be the same, however the methods used will be different.  The courses will introduce you to:

  • the role of the coach and developing your coaches philosophy - introducing the "Howzat" resource
  • creating your "Coaches Kitbag" using different types of practice - fixed/variable/game based
  • planning effective coaching sessions using the five areas of player development - technical, tactical, physical, mental and life style
  • develop your coaching skills, knowledge and qualities to best suit the players you are working with
  • demonstrate competence against UKCC2/National Standard for coaches

The course entails 8 modules:

Module 1 - Welcome to the Family

  • Course aims and objectives - Role of the coach - Introduction to the "Howzat!" resource - Discovering your coaching philosophy

Module 2 - Your "Coaches Kitbag"

  • Introduction to different types of practice - Planning coaching sessions - Player development - Player welfare and safe coaching

Module 3 - Developing skills with fixed practices

  • Using fixed practice to develop batting, bowling and fielding skills

Module 4 - More about your player's learning

  • How people learn - Using fixed practice for fielding, wicketkeeping and physical skill development - Coaches language and actions v sessions outcomes and player learning

Module 5 - Developing skills with variable practices

  • Using variable practices to develop batting, bowling and fielding skills - Stage specific physical development

Module 6 - Cricket game-based learning

  • Building and designing practices and training - "Individualisation" and player need

Module 7 - Integrated practices and planning

  • Designing and running integrated practices - Applied coaching practice

Module 8 - Applied Coaching: Reflection and Action Planning

  • Applied coaching session - debrief with tutor - Coach development action plan

Requirements to attend a UKCC2 certificate course

To fulfil the course requirements, you have to:

  • attend all four days of the certificate course
  • complete the new ECB "Safeguarding Young Children" on-line Safeguarding workshop
  • attend a current First Aid course
  • complete the on-line assignments set following the completion of Modules 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6
  • complete successfully the supported practice module (minimum of 6 sessions of at least 30 minutes each)
  • attend a supported practice evening in which your workbook will be checked, supported practice sessions checked and e-learning checked.
  • Arrange an assessment day/evening within your club or school where you will be asked to coach a group of players and have a follow up debrief on this and your record of coaching and assignments with an ECB assessor
  • complete a multiple choice paper
  • demonstrate all the competences required for an ECB Certificated Coach (UKCC2)

Applicants must be aged at least 17 years old to begin the course and 18 years at the assessment date.