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Welfare and First Aid

Coach Welfare Courses

It is a regulation that all coaches must hold evidence of the following documents:

  • current ECB DBS disclosure (all CRBs/DBSs are valid for three years from the date of issue)
  • current First Aid qualification (valid from three years from the date of issue)
  • current Child Protection qualification (valid for three years from the date of issue). 

Child Protection courses

For new and existing coaches, the ECB has a free online Child Protection course entitled 'Safeguarding Young Cricketers' (SYC). Coaches attending a course for the first time will be automatically registered for this online course. However, coaches with existing Child Protection qualifications can also register for the online course when it comes to their renewal.

Note - This new course is only available to coaches undertaking ECB approved training courses and those renewing their qualifications. All overseas coaches and Club Welfare Officers (CWOs) will be still required to attend the SportsCoach UK version of the course.

Candidates wishing to take part in the new SYC courses still need to complete an application form, however there is no cost for sitting the course and you may complete the course at any time of your choosing (even at 2am if you so wish!).  On completion of the course, you need only print off the "completed course certificate" as evidence of completing the course.

Candidates need to have access to an e-mail account (so that the ECB can send you your login details) and a computer that runs a current version of Internet Explorer.  Your course appraisal is a multiple choice assessment that needs to be completed at the end of the distance learning course.

First Aid Courses

Wiltshire Cricket in co-ordination with "My Skills For Life" delivers three hour First Aid / Emergency Aid courses throughout the course of the winter. These courses are available to new and exisiting coaches and provide the qualification that is required for ECB Coach Education courses and ECB CA membership.

Club Welfare Officers Courses

A club must nominate a Club Welfare Officer who will advise and ensure that Safeguarding is being adhered to in the Club.

  • the Club Welfare Officer must attend a ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’ workshop accredited by Sportscoach UK (3 hours).
  • the Club Welfare Officer must have a current Vetting Check (DBS/CRB completed within the last three years.
  • the Club Welfare Officer must attend the ECB Safe Hands Workshop advising on the role, requirements and responsibilities of child safeguarding in Clubs.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children course

SportsCoachUK Safeguarding and Protecting Children courses (SPC) will be delivered throughout the winter by Wiltshire and Swindon Sport Activity Partnership (WASP).

To find the details of all WASPs bolt on courses, please follow the link to their website. http://www.wiltssport.org/coaching/coaching-education

Please be aware that all WASP Coach Education bookings must be made directly through WASP themselves. Wiltshire Cricket are unable to administrate on your behalf. For further details on all WASP courses and details of the booking process, please e-mail Dominique Oughton dominique@wiltssport.org

Safe Hands course

“Safe Hands” is the required workshop for all Welfare Officers and seeks to ensure that each club is aware of the role of the Welfare Officer within the framework of child protection.  The course will cover core legislation and government guidance, as well as giving you the opportunity to talk to other Welfare Officers from across the county to share experience and good practice.

Every Club Welfare Officer must have attended this course (the course must be renewed every three years).  and it is important that your club checks to ensure that they have been represented at the workshop.

The ECB has produced Safe Hands – Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children as part of its commitment to ensuring that the game provides a safe, friendly and enjoyable experience for children.

The Policy provides the sport with the tools to ensure that the whole game takes up the challenge of continuously improving the participation conditions for children.  Safe Hands greatly enhances the value of existing activities and practices throughout ECB's extensive club and schools network and ensures that the many thousands of coaches and volunteers integral to the game are supported.

The Policy is backed up by a comprehensive training and education programme, a structured implementation plan and a sensitive process to respond to concerns.

The Safe Hands – Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children has been developed to provide a comprehensive and complete guide to all those who participate in Cricket