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Coach Education 2011-2012 Update

Coach Education 2011-2012 Update

With the Coach Education programme for 2011-2012 starting this weekend, numbers remain low for all the courses.

In the current climate, costs must be kept to a minimum and therefore rather than run courses at a loss, courses will be cancelled if minimum numbers are not met.  These numbers will be:

UKCC1 – 16 candidates
UKCC2 – 14 candidates
Coach Development Workshops – 12 candidates

At present there are limited candidates on all the courses.  The number of confirmed, paid up candidates are as follows:

UKCC1 October – 13 candidates
Coach Development Workshops – 4 candidates
UKCC2 November – 5 candidate
UKCC1 December – 5 candidates
UKCC1 January – 4 candidates
UKCC1 April – 1 candidates

To ensure that Wiltshire Cricket do not waste money on unused resources, there will be a cut-off date at which we will confirm if the courses are to be run. In each case this will be 14 days prior to the first day of the course.  Therefore the decision to run the each of the courses will be made on the following dates:

UKCC1 October                                            This course will run with a reduced tutoring cover
Coach Development Workshops                  Saturday 8th October
UKCC2                                                           Saturday 29th October
UKCC1 December                                         Saturday 19th November
UKCC1 January                                             Saturday 24th December
UKCC1 April                                                  Saturday 21st March 2012

Wiltshire Cricket recognises that this means that time is very short in which to fill the UKCC1 course in October and the Coach Development Workshops, however we must ensure that all of our funding is spent wisely and efficiently.  We must also ensure that we give our venue providers suitable notice to ensure that we do not incur any late cancellation fees. With all of this in mind, please submit your applications and payments asap if you wish to attend a course this winter.  All the application details are shown in the application pack, downloadable below:

Wiltshire Cricket Coach Education Pack 2011/12