Wiltshire Cricket

Nominations now open for boys district trials

Wiltshire Cricket are pleased to announce that we are now accepting nominations from clubs for the district winter coaching programmes being run across the county starting January 2020.

Attached below clubs will find:

Due to new GDPR regulations, Wiltshire Cricket are required to provide information to all parties regarding:

  • How we obtain information
  • What information we collect
  • How we will use it
  • How we retain and store information

For this reason, we ask that clubs provide a copy of our Privacy Policy to all players' parents nominated using this trials process.

Who can clubs nominate?

While the attached letter fully explains the trials process, the important information is that we would ask that clubs nominate players for district trials only.

Following procedures introduced last year, county trials will take place after the district trials.  However this means that county players do not need to attend district trials.

County players will be fast tracked to their own county trials as a matter of course.

Note that this nomination request specifically relates to the BOYS programmes only. 

A separate request will be sent out later in the summer with regards to the girls trials.

The girls trials for all ages will take place in the Autumn after we have completed some primary school programme work.

Confirmation that there are no changes to the format of the programmes for the 2019/20 winter programme.
All the details are therefore reviewed in the attached nomination letter to clubs.

Trial timeframes:

A reminder of the following:

What do we require from clubs?

As stated, Wiltshire Cricket will be informing all players who have been nominated for district trials directly.  To ensure the accuracy of this, could you ask you to only use the attached nomination form.

Notification by any other format will result in data having to be transposed onto this central list of players. 
Any transposition might result in information being inaccurately included which could result in trials notification not being received by the child or the child’s family.

For this reason, could we ask you to ensure that you complete all the data fields for all players nominated by your club, including date of birth.

Note that the nomination form asks you to disclose the players age group for the 2020 season (next season) not the 2019 season (this season).

That is, if a player is being nominated for the Under 13s programme, please show this on the nomination form.

When do we need to return this nomination form?

All nominations are required by Monday 12th August to allow us sufficient time in which to notify their players of the trials details.

To confirm, clubs will not be required to advise players of trials information.

Completed nomination forms need to be returned directly by e-mail to – ali.goddard@wiltshirecricket.co.uk

Sending these details to anyone else may result in your nominations not being included.