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Wiltshire clubs listen to ECB work on developing recommended formats for junior cricket

ECB Junior Formats Presentation

What is the Junior formats work all about?

  • In 2017, the ECB, County Cricket Boards and most importantly clubs successfully launched All Stars Cricket
    - All Stars Cricket was stage one of a response to the growing challenge of cricket’s relevance to young children. Prior to All Stars, national research was indicating alarming insight such as only 2% of children rating cricket as their favourite sport
  • Following the success of All Stars Cricket, one of the key questions from clubs has been ‘what next’?
  • The ECB Junior formats work is looking at developing recommended formats of cricket for the ages 8 – 12
    - All Stars Cricket is very much about providing the skills required to play the game at a later age
    - The recommended junior formats, as you will see from the presentation attached above, are being developed on the back of guidance from the ECB Performance team and on the back of a huge amount of research, in order to provide formats that provide children with the best opportunity to succeed and to enjoy the game


In 2018, the junior formats are in their pilot stage with nothing mandated to the game. Following these pilots it is likely that a stronger recommendation will be passed down to leagues for 2019 to ensure that all stages of the youth pathway are aligned and to ensure that the cricket being offered by leagues is in line with what is being recommended from a player development point of view but also from a player enjoyment and therefore retention perspective.

Wiltshire Youth Cricket League’s Involvement in 2018

Wiltshire Cricket Limited will now be following up on last night’s presentation with discussions with the Wltshire Youth Cricket League around whether we feel we can implement some of the recommendations as part of a pilot in 2018. However, in the meantime we would also welcome any thoughts or reflections from clubs.