Wiltshire Cricket

Representative Cricket: County

Wiltshire Cricket has county boys squads at under 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17 age groups. The county girls have squads at under 11, 13, 15 and 17 with more information available here.

In terms of selection, county trials are held annually in the Autumn, a week prior to the district trials. Individual county age group managers and coaches are responsible for organising these trials and will invite the best players from the previous summer's matches to these trials. Following the district trials the county age group coaches will liaise with district head coaches to decide upon final selections for the county winter coaching programme. It may be that following the autumn county and district trials some players from the district trials will be selected for the county winter coaching programme. Also, if players attending a county trial are unsuccessful in being selected for the county winter coaching programme they will automatically be placed in their appropriate district's winter coaching programme.

The county winter coaching programme itself involves a 12 week group coaching programme. Players selected for the winter programme will automatically form part of the summer squad so that preparation for the season can begin for that group of players from the moment they are selected for the winter programme. However, once the season arrives, the county manager and coach may choose to add to their squad from the higher performing district players. 

With regards to the summer match play programme the county under 10s, 11s, 12s and 13s play in friendly matches and festivals. The county under 14s, 15s and 17s are entered in to the ECB national competitions.

Performance Awards

Wiltshire Cricket recognises special performances from our talented young cricketer's across all our representative age groups. Player of the Year awards are recognised and at Under 13 level and below, awards are made for fifties and taking 4 wickets. At the Under 14 age group and above, awards are made for scoring centuries and taking 5fer's.

Awards are held alongside the Wiltshire Cricket OSCA's presentation evening.

Performance Awards - 2013

Performance Awards - 2014

Performance Awards - 2015

Performance Awards - 2016

Performance Awards - 2017

Player of the Year

Wiltshire U10

Sam Ashman
Wiltshire U11 Nicolas Viljoen
Wiltshire U12 Ben Howgrave-Graham
Wiltshire U13 Sam Giddings
Wiltshire U14 Edward Wade
Wiltshire U15 Jayden Atkinson
Wiltshire U17 Ollie Slade
Wiltshire Girls U13 Emilia Powell
Wiltshire Girls U15 Lily Day
Wiltshire Girls U17 Melissa Story

Individual Performance Awards

  • Sam Ashman, county boys under 10s - 4-9 v Oxfordshire
  • Nicolas Viljoen, county boys under 11s - 80* v Somerset, 56 v Oxfordshire, 66* v Jersey
  • Freddie Higton, county boys under 11s - 4-31 v Oxfordshire
  • Kit Blomfield, county boys under 11s - 6-1 v Jersey
  • Tom Spencer, county boys under 12s - 79 v Gwent
  • Ben Howgrave-Graham, county boys under 12s - 73 v Dorset
  • William Green, county boys under 12s - 52 v Dorset
  • Matthew Garrod, county boys under 12s - 50 v Cardiff and Vale
  • Harley Sandford, county boys under 12s - 84 v Cardiff and Vale
  • Joshua Norgrove-Gray, county boys under 12s - 4-28 v Cardiff and Vale
  • Sam Giddings, county boys under 13s - 51 v Millfield School, 97* v Gwent, 93 v Buckinghamshire
  • Benji Tucker, county boys under 13s - 51 v Oxfordshire
  • Stuart MacDougall, county boys under 13s - 50* v Dorset
  • Isaac Ashman, county boys under 13s - 69 v Gwent, 70 v Camarthenshire
  • Toby Kershaw, county boys under 13s - 70 v Somerset
  • Freddie Fenton, county boys under 13s - 4-44 v Millfield School
  • Will Maloney, county boys under 13s - 7-6 v Buckinghamshire
  • Christopher Monelle, county boys under 13s - 5-9 v Gwent
  • Katie Dolman, county girls under 13s - 54* v Cornwall
  • Isla Thomson, county girls under 13s - 54* v Dorset
  • Emily Smith, county girls under 13s - 4-20 v Dorset
  • Edward Wade, county boys under 14s - 106* v Gwent
  • Lily Day, county girls under 15s - 66 v Dorset
  • Lily Day, county girls under 15s - 5-2 v Herefordshire, 4-7 v Cornwall
  • Henry Smith, county boys under 17s - 112 v Berkshire
  • Rosie Pembroke, county girls under 17s - 59 v Worcestershire
  • Lucy Farrant, county girls under 17s - 65 v Worcestershire
  • Melissa Story, county girls under 17s - 79* v Dorset, 56* v Cornwall, 64* v Dorset
  • Lily Day, county girls under 17s - 4-20 v Dorset
  • Melissa Story, county girls under 17s - 4-25 v Dorset