Wiltshire Cricket

Representative Cricket: County

Wiltshire Cricket has county boys squads at under 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17 age groups. The county girls have squads at under 11, 13, 15 and 17 with more information available here.

In terms of selection, county trials are held annually in the Autumn, a week prior to the district trials. Individual county age group managers and coaches are responsible for organising these trials and will invite the best players from the previous summer's matches to these trials. Following the district trials the county age group coaches will liaise with district head coaches to decide upon final selections for the county winter coaching programme. It may be that following the autumn county and district trials some players from the district trials will be selected for the county winter coaching programme. Also, if players attending a county trial are unsuccessful in being selected for the county winter coaching programme they will automatically be placed in their appropriate district's winter coaching programme.

The county winter coaching programme itself involves a 12 week group coaching programme. Players selected for the winter programme will automatically form part of the summer squad so that preparation for the season can begin for that group of players from the moment they are selected for the winter programme. However, once the season arrives, the county manager and coach may choose to add to their squad from the higher performing district players. 

With regards to the summer match play programme the county under 10s, 11s, 12s and 13s play in friendly matches and festivals. The county under 14s, 15s and 17s are entered in to the ECB national competitions.

Performance Awards

Wiltshire Cricket recognises special performances from our talented young cricketer's across all our representative age groups. Player of the Year awards are recognised and at Under 13 level and below, awards are made for fifties and taking 4 wickets. At the Under 14 age group and above, awards are made for scoring centuries and taking 5fer's.

Awards are held alongside the Wiltshire Cricket OSCA's presentation evening.

Performance Awards - 2013

Performance Awards - 2014

Performance Awards - 2015

Performance Awards - 2016

Performance Awards - 2017

Performance Awards - 2018

Player of the Year

Wiltshire U10

Thomas Felstead
Wiltshire U11 Flynn Gunston
Wiltshire U12 Kit Blomfield
Wiltshire U13 Matthew Garrod
Wiltshire U14 Harry Robbins
Wiltshire U15 Ed Vickery
Wiltshire U17 James Wade
Wiltshire Girls U13 Emily Smith
Wiltshire Girls U15 Katie Dolman
Wiltshire Girls U17

Lily Day

Wiltshire Cricketer of the Year 

As is tradition, the evening concluded with the most prestigious award being handed out. Here is the summary of the 2018 Wiltshire Cricketer of the Year as was read out on the evening....

This particular player has always been a regular county age group player within his own age group, regularly contributing with bat and in recent seasons the ball too, having also regularly kept wicket over the years!

However, the 2018 season was very much a coming of age season. Having been involved in the Emerging Player Programme during the winter, he was already on the radar and as such appearances for the county 2nd XI as well as for the county boys under 17s were awarded. In the under 17s, Jack’s highlight performance came against Dorset where he scored 122* to lead the team to their first championship win of the season.

For the county 2nd XI, in his first year of playing for them, Jack also became a regular and consistent performer with both bat and ball where he often played as one of the youngest players in the team.

Such was Jack’s rising stock within the county, that his all round game and consistent performances caught the attention of his club side, South Wilts, where he finished the season with a regular position in the club 1stXI, having started the season in the 4th XI. In fact his season started with 145* in the 4ths, followed a week later with 117* in the 3rds. The season culminated with a magnificent 108 batting at 3 for the club’s 1st XI in their penultimate league match of the season. To progress from a club 4th XI to the highest level of club cricket, and score a 100 in the process, within one season is a remarkable achievement.

To cap this wonderful season, Jack was righty awarded with his debut for Wiltshire in their final match of the season. He played in their 3 day match against Oxfordshire where he scored 9 and 25 in the two innings; very much showing that it is an environment in which he is at home.

It is fair to say that this year’s award for Wiltshire cricketer of the year is very much in recognition for someone who has progressed beyond all expectations within such a short space of time. His rise within one season is quite remarkable and there’s certainly a bright cricketing future ahead.

The Wiltshire Cricketer of the year for 2018 is Jack Stearman

Individual Performance Awards

County Boys Under 10:

Rhys Baker, 61 v Dorset

Shawn Vithanage, 101 v Pembrokeshire

Shawn Vithanage, 4-34 v Dorset

Oliver Staff, 4-26 v Pembrokeshire

County Boys Under 11:

Flynn Gunston, 59 v Dorset, 131* v London Schools, 113 v Gwent, 51* v Hampshire

Sam Ashman, 112 v Gloucestershire

Sam Ashman, 4-13 v Somerset

Charlie Carroll, 5-25 v Hampshire

County Boys Under 12:

Matt Falconer, 52 v Dorset, 117* v Cardiff and Vale, 59* v Leicestershire

James Pitman, 50 v Devon, 72 v Oxfordshire

Nicolas Viljoen, 121* v Hampshire, 69 v Gloucestershire

Jonny Sadler, 51 v Cardiff and Vale, 55 v Gloucestershire

Kit Blomfield, 4-7 v Oxfordshire

Cameron Oliver, 4-11 v Cardiff and Vale

County Boys Under 13:

Matthew Garrod, 63 v Dorset, 61 v Gwent, 51 v Guernsey, 80 v Devon

Ben Howgrave-Graham, 52 v Devon, 51 v Gwent, 63 v Gloucestershire, 79 v Bedfordshire, 67 v Guernsey

Tom Spencer, 81 v Gwent, 59 v Bedfordshire

Crofton Keyes, 83 v Gwent

County Girls Under 13:

Emily Smith, 69* v Hampshire

Daisy Barrow, 54* v Hampshire

District Boys Under 13:

Finn Fielder, 59* v South, 96* v South,

George Lewis, 76 v South

Charlie Robbins, 62 v South

Liam Carpenter, 60 v North

Fraser Hyslop, 64* v North

County Boys Under 14:

Sam Giddings, 5-27 v Devon

County Boys Under 15:

Ed Vickery, 103 v Cornwall

Ed Wade, 120* v Dorset

Ben Higton, 5-19 v Dorset

Kian Chivers, 5-56 v Isle of Wight

County Girls Under 15:

Katie Dolman, 56* v Cornwall

Isla Thomson, 60* v Cornwall

Poppy Sladen, 4-4 v Dorset, 4-18 v Cornwall

County Boys Under 17:

Ed Wade, 105 v Isle of Wight

George Edwards, 101* v Cornwall

Jack Stearman, 122* v Dorset

Jack Humphreys, 5-48 v Cornwall

County Girls Under 17:

Rosie Pembroke, 70 v Hertfordshire

Jodie Bounds, 53 v Hertfordshire

Lily Day, 4-13 v Hertforshire

County Women:

Katherine Mills, 61 v Dorset

Rosie Pembroke, 56 v Dorset

County 2nd XI:

Jack Haines, 114 v Future Stars Academy

Jake Goodwin, 240 v Herefordshire

Will Wade, 151* v Herefordshire