Wiltshire Cricket

Emerging Player Programme

The Emerging Player Programme (EPP) is a prestigious one to one elite coaching programme for the most talented cricketers in Wiltshire between the ages of 13 and 17.

Principles of the Wiltshire Emerging Player Programme:

Characteristics of an EPP player:

  • We want players on the EPP who are independent thinkers and have the ability to self-reflect
  • We want players on the EPP who take responsibility for their physical condition outside of EPP sessions
  • We want players who are committed to the programme, evidenced through high attendance levels and through a willingness to learn and take on board feedback
  • We want players to be resilient; able to deal with disappointment and success in equal measure
  • We want EPP players to become role models within their county age group and club teams; exhibiting high standards of behaviour and approach to their cricket
  • We want a culture of HIGH CHALLENGE / HIGH SUPPORT, both at training sessions and in terms of the matches that EPP players play

Outcomes from the EPP:

  • We want players to have shown steady progress throughout their involvement on the EPP, across the following areas:
    - Technical ability
    - Tactical awareness
    - Mental strength; evidenced through resilience, awareness of own game (to drive self-reflection and self-learning) and confidence in own game
    - Physical competency
  • A national outcome of the EPP is for players to strive for 1st Class Academy selection. Wiltshire agrees but wants its outcomes to be broader, i.e.
    - To support development of players for Wiltshire 2nd XI and full minor county selection – as a result, selection will retain flexibility in terms of age and scope to include U17s

Summer matchplay for an EPP player:

  • An EPP player’s matchplay programme should provide the appropriate balance between high challenge matches, and matches that serve to boost confidence and success levels. We would expect a minimum of 50% of matches to be classed as high challenge

Our partnerships with Gloucestershire and Hampshire:

From 2017 onwards, we entered in to formal partnerships with Gloucestershire Cricket Board and Hampshire County Cricket Club to co-deliver two EPP programmes in Wiltshire.

These are dual branded programmes as follows:

  • Wiltshire/Gloucestershire EPP (based in the North of the county)
  • Wiltshire/Hampshire EPP (based in the South of the county)

Both programmes involve:

  • Weekly, two hour EPP sessions held at a Wiltshire venue (one in North and one in South)
  • Sessions led by an EPP coach from the respective First Class county
  • Supporting these sessions are Wiltshire county age group coaches

The number of players attending the EPP sessions will be flexible and dependent on the number of players identified to be suitable to be invited on to the programme. However, the group will be a small one, to enable one to one coaching to take place within the sessions, but also so that players can work together with other likeminded players

The cost of the programme is free to the players invited.

Who qualifies for the programme?

Players selected for the programme will come from the under 13, 14, 15 or 17 age groups (age group that they will play for during the following summer)

How does selection work?

The selection process for the programme involves:

  • At the end of each season, proposals will be put forward by the previous summer’s county under 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17 coaches
  • A selection meeting between these coaches, and the EPP assistant coaches will take place in the autumn (with invitation open to Gloucestershire and Hampshire coaches to attend)

This approach helps us achieve two key things:

1. A wider group than just one person taking responsibility for selection

2. By increasing the size of the programme, through having two centres, the programme will appear more open and accessible to players

2017-2018 EPP Players

Charlie Slade – Wiltshire / Gloucestershire programme

Toby Kershaw – Wiltshire / Gloucestershire programme

Kian Chivers – Wiltshire / Gloucestershire programme

Jack Humphreys - Wiltshire / Gloucestershire programme

Tom Lloyd - Wiltshire / Gloucestershire programme

Harry Robbins - Wiltshire / Gloucestershire programme

Will Pembroke - Wiltshire / Gloucestershire programme

Josh Smith - Wiltshire / Gloucestershire programme

Edward Wade – Wiltshire / Hampshire programme

Bryce Furlong – Wiltshire / Hampshire programme

Jayden Atkinson – Wiltshire / Hampshire programme

Ben Howgrave-Graham - Wiltshire / Hampshire programme

Will Langdown - Wiltshire / Hampshire programme

Isaac Ashman - Wiltshire / Hampshire programme

Ben Higton – Wiltshire / Hampshire programme

History of the EPP

Since the EPP began in 2007 Wiltshire has enjoyed great success in terms of the numbers of players who have left the programme to join First Class academies and so a key role of the EPP Head Coach has always been to facilitate links with First Class counties to ensure that they are aware of Wiltshire's EPP players and to add value to Wiltshire's programme where possible.