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Chance to Shine 2016-2017 Club Offer

Chance to Shine is one of the leading National Governing Body school sport programmes. It gives schools and Cricket Clubs the opportunity to access cricket and provide valuable community links with the intention of creating a sustainable pathway for children from the school to cricket club.

What is Chance to Shine

Chance to Shine are a national charity on a mission to spread the power of cricket throughout schools and communities.

At a county level, we receive funding from Chance to Shine to pay for coaches to work in school and community settings to deliver various things which we help will grow participation in cricket and encourage more transition of children from school to club.

What does a Chance to Shine school receive?

Primary schools:

Any school that signs up to be involved with Chance to Shine receives the following:

  • Six x 1 hour curriculum sessions
  • Six x 1 hour extra curriculum sessions
  • One x 1 hour informal teacher CPD session
  • One x 30 minute assembly
  • One x 3 hour intra school festival
  • One x 3 hour Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Day event
  • One free place on a 3 hour Cricket for Teachers course
  • One x 3 hour inter school Chance to Shine festival

Total – 25.5 hours support per school, at a cost of £200

Secondary schools:

Secondary schools are able to pick from a menu of options, including:

  • Coaching support for an after school club
  • Curriculum support for preparation for a Chance to Shine competition
  • Entry in to various boys and girls competitions
  • Cricket Activator training for students
  • Formal or informal teacher training

What can Wiltshire Cricket and Chance to Shine do for your club?

For the past two years, Wiltshire Cricket has administered Chance to Shine centrally. This has enabled us to offer a consistent programme across the county, and ensure that all schools receive all elements of the programme.

Whilst this has been a successful way of delivering the programme, what it hasn’t done is provide schools with a tangible link to their local cricket club.

Therefore, for the 2016-2017 academic year, Wiltshire Cricket will be adopting a two phased approach of allocating our Chance to Shine funding, as follows:

1. Wiltshire Cricket will continue to deliver in schools and areas of the county which we have identified as strategically important areas

2. Clubs with the resource to deliver a Chance to Shine programme will be offered the opportunity to do so, via this application process

Therefore, point 2 above means that clubs now have the opportunity to have their own Chance to Shine project.

Why should your club be involved?

During 2016, Wiltshire Cricket has provided various updates to clubs, including the following:

What are our juniors saying about Cricket?

In July and August of 2015, Chance to Shine, the charity that supports Cricket in state schools, did a large survey around children’s views of Cricket. I would signpost you to the following bits of information:

  • When children were asked to name their top three Sports, the sampled children in total listed 57 different Sports – Competition with Cricket is huge!
  • 23% of children who play Cricket in school play at a club. Of those schools that don’t play Cricket in schools only 1% play at clubs
  • Children identify key barriers to sustained participation: digital communications are unappealing/offputting; they want inclusive formats and an explosive style of play; hard ball is a deterrent; they want to have fun (not feel under pressure to perform) – Is the image of Cricket putting players off?
  • Parental feedback - Biggest factors in their child’s choice of leisure activities: peer group and fun/ enjoyment – The experience that both parents and children receive when they join a club is so important, particularly given how much choice there is in terms of leisure activities
  • Parental feedback - 6 out of 10 parents are either agnostic about, or actively dislike, cricket; children whose parents are interested in cricket are 4x more likely to play out of school – What experience do parents get when they join your club or on a coaching evening / matchday – needs to be appealing to the whole family


From this particular survey, one of the key findings / recommendations was as follows:

Fundamental change is required in club cricket from a culture founded in developing talent to one that nurtures participation. Club provision for young people should ‘build up’ from Chance to Shine formats rather than ‘build down’ from adult cricket.

The ECB’s own research would back up the need for something to change:

  • 2% of children aged 7-15 rate Cricket as their favourite Sport
  • When children asked to name their top 10 Sports, 3 in 5 don’t name Cricket

Why should your club be involved – Well, Chance to Shine could help to put your club at an advantage above other sports and other clubs. It would offer you the opportunity to put Cricket in to the mindset of your local schools and to take control over the perception that young people and their parents have of Cricket.

How to get involved?

Download an application form for your club to apply to become a Chance to Shine club. They key things to note when applying are as follows:

1. You’ll be required to meet with local schools to discuss their involvement as one of your Chance to Shine schools

2. You’ll need to have available volunteers to support delivery of different elements of the Chance to Shine programme

3. You’ll be required to justify why your club should become a Chance to Shine club

If you are successful in becoming a Chance to Shine club we will invest our funding to pay for your coach (s) and will offer you support in managing and administering your programme.