Wiltshire Cricket

Primary School Offer

Any school that signs up to be involved with Chance to Shine receives the following:

  • Six x 1 hour curriculum sessions
  • Six x 1 hour extra curriculum sessions
  • One x 1 hour informal teacher CPD session
  • One x 30 minute assembly
  • One x 3 hour intra school festival
  • One x 3 hour Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Day event
  • One free place on a 3 hour Cricket for Teachers course
  • One x 3 hour inter school Chance to Shine festival

Total - 25.5 hours support per school, at a cost of £200

Curriculum and extra curriculum coaching

With huge numbers of schools entering “ECB Kwik Cricket Competitions” there is greater demand on schools to
deliver Cricket as a “striking and fielding” subject in term five.

Working with the community coaches, we are able to offer cricket coaching in school time with whole classes and as extra curricular activity such as an after school club or a G&T programme.

As part of a seven week programme, fitting in with the school timetable, our coaches can provide interesting and
active coaching sessions for all ability levels.

However through the delivery of our performance support during lunchtime clubs or after school clubs, we can
prepare schools for the demands of pairs competition both indoor or outdoors.

NB—Note that all Chance to Shine programmes are co-delivery. School’s must provide support for all sessions.

What does a 7 week programme look like?

For a standard six week curriculum coaching programme, we look to reinforce the basic skills required to play cricket at primary school level:

  • Batting session straight batted shots. Batting games devised to improve a child’s striking skills
  • Bowling session. Working on targeting and power to enable a child to create pressure on the batter,
  • Fielding skills. Games aimed to improve catching and throwing for all striking and fielding games.
  • Batting session cross batted shots. Batting games targeting hitting the ball square of the wicket.
  • Match play skills. Looking at putting the four areas together to produce positive outcomes
  • Competition session. Intra class small sides pairs cricket matches.

Teacher training - formal and informal

Wiltshire Cricket would like to give you and your staff more confidence in delivering cricket as your summer sport of choice.

Having a coach to deliver your PE “Striking and Fielding” lessons are of benefit to your students, however being up to date with CPD on an area that might have previously confused you is also vital.

Wiltshire Cricket have two such CPD opportunities available to you.

  • Formal, Cricket 4 Teachers (CFT) This three hour course is delivered at a number of venues across the county throughout the school term. The course looks to give you confidence and ideas as to what you can deliver in your school for your own pupils to develop them in the field of cricket.
  • Informal Teacher CPD Sessions These sessions are run at your own school at a time suitable to you. Generally lasting between 45 to 90 minutes, the sessions are delivered as bespoke information sessions to develop areas of special interest to you and your school.

Intra and Inter school competitions

Chance to Shine has always recognised that it is vitally important to give children the opportunity to use the
skills that they have leant in a competitive environment.

For this reason, Wiltshire Cricket are able to deliver a number of competitions, specific to participants
in its programme.

Outdoor Cricket Opportunities along with the established ECB National Kwik Cricket competition Chance to Shine
encourages participation events between local cluster schools.

School Cluster Festivals Schools local to a common club will be invited to come together to play some non
competitive matches. These events will take place during term six

School Migration Events Chance to Shine primary schools will be invited to attend events at their secondary feeder schools

What does a Cluster Event look like?

Cluster events are a balance between performance and participation events held across the school year. Events can take place indoors or outdoors, but are always played under the pairs format with players batting together for up to four overs at a time.

There are three types of outdoor events:

  • ECB National Kwik Cricket Competition Qualifying – May and June 2017. Finals – July 2017
  • Chance to Shine Club Cluster festivals Taking place during June and July 2017
  • Chance to Shine School Migration festivals Taking place at various times during the year. The events look to build an early partnership between the child and the secondary school environment.

Wiltshire Cricket is able to support your school in the delivery of these competitions