Wiltshire Cricket

Disability Cricket

Wiltshire Cricket are committed to ensuring that cricket is accessible to everyone in Wiltshire. WIltshire Cricket's Head of Growth, Sam Dent delivers a specific cricket program for schools with specialisms and resource bases that allows for children to experience cricket at any age. The 6 week program can be accessed by primary and secondary aged students and gives them an opportunity to try a new sport as part of there curriculum. These sessions are free of charge.

The schools that were worked in 2017/18 were:

  • Exeter House School - Salisbury
  • Larkrise School - Trowbridge
  • Rowdeford School - Rowde, Devizes
  • Fairfield Farm College - Westbury
  • St Nicholas - Chippenhan
  • Wansdyke Community Primary School - Devizes
  • Eldene Primary Primary - Swindon
  • Westlea Primary Primary - Swindon
  • Crowdy's School - Swindon
  • Uplands School - Swindon
  • Wilton and Barford Primary - Salisbury
  • Amesbury Archer Primary - Amesbury
  • Christ the King Primary - Amesbury
  • Studley Green Primary - Trowbridge
  • Winsley Primary - Winsley
  • Marlborough St Mary's - Marlborough

If you would like to find out how you can get involved with disability cricket in schools please get in touch with Sam at Wiltshire Cricket.


Table Cricket

Table Cricket was introduced to WIltshire Cricket's disability offer in November 2017 and offers children/adolescents of all abilities, many opportunities for physical, personal, sporting, numerical and perceptual development, as well as providing "competitive opportunities for those who do not normally have access to them" (Lords Taverners, 2017).

Run in association with The Lords Taverners, the program consists of a minimum of 4 curriculum coaching sessions which lead up to a County Competition during February.

Unlike the soft ball cricket offer, this table cricket program has an established competition pathway, which includes a county finals days, a regional finals days and a national final, which takes place at Lords prior to the school summer holidays. 

To read the county final press report, please follow this link: The Lords Taverners - Table Cricket.

For an example of what Table Cricket looks like, please follow the following links:

For more information about Table Cricket, please contact sam.dent@wiltshirecricket.co.uk

School Games 2016

In 2016, Wiltshire Cricket teamed up with our County Sports Partnership, WASP, to run a cricket festival as part of the annual school games. This cricket festival was for SEN Schools and Resource Bases, offering children the experience of a fast and fun game.

Wiltshire Cricket - WASP School Games 2016

SEN Cricket Festival 2015

On Friday the 26th June we held our first SEN Cricket Festival. The schools present all took part in a coaching program to help build confidence and develop skills in preparation for the event.

 Potterne Cricket Club hosted the event ahead of their community cricket sessions starting this July.

 The day started with the five schools; St Peter’s Marlborough, St Nicholas Chippenham, Amesbury Archer Primary School, Eldene Primary Swindon and Corsham Primary taking part in an hour practice session working on their batting, bowling, fielding and gameplay skills. With support from young leaders from Lavington the children then entered their first round of games.

 The games were carried out in a great spirit with all getting the opportunity to take part and perform. The game type used is known as 3 tee 3 ball. For those unfamiliar, one batter takes position and hits 3 stationary balls off 3 cones. They then run as many times as they can to a stump (or cone) in order to score runs. The fielder’s job is to return the cones as quickly as possible. Once all 3 balls are back in their starting position the batter can no longer run. This game is simple and easy to set up and offers children to select tactics whilst fielding and batting. It is very effective for Children with SEN and is an excellent game for all primary level students.

 After 2 games the students broke for lunch, with Potterne providing some ice cream for the children (too much excitement!) They then played a final game before departing for the day. The feedback from children and staff has been outstanding and everybody had a fantastic day.

 Our special thanks go to the young leaders from Lavington School, who were invaluable in keeping the day running, Terry Bathe, whose knowledge and experience was invaluable, Ali Goddard for overseeing the day, Rob Padget for helping to promote and network throughout the county. Waitrose Melksham for providing biscuits, squash and tea and finally Potterne Cricket Club and Fred Kerley for hosting the event and helping to make the day a special event.

Community Sessions

Potterne Cricket Club are our hub club for disability and SEN coaching in the county. They delivered a coaching program this summer that was well attended and was brilliantly ran by Potterne. Parent feedback was fantastic and community sessions will run again in 2016.

 If you would like more information please contact Fred Kerley at Potterne Cricket Club.


Plans for the Future

The disability program has been a great success in recent years and Wiltshire Cricket hope to build upon this great foundation in the coming years by encouraging more schools to take part as well as other organisations such as day-care centres.

Wiltshire Cricket hopes to be able to establish a core group of players in the next two years which will allow them to enter the national disability cricket competitions, and thus provide further opportunities!