Wiltshire Cricket

Primary School Competition

ECB Kwik Cricket

The ECB Kwik Cricket competition is the main competition for primary schools and is currently played in over 8,000 primary schools across the country. Nationally there are three competitions that come under the umbrella of ECB Kwik Cricket and these are:

  • Mixed Year 5
  • Mixed Year 6
  • Girls Year 6

In Wiltshire we focus on the mixed year 6 and girls year 6 competitions. The format of both the girls and mixed year 6 competitions is that cluster festivals take place at the end of May/beginning of June each year. These cluster festivals decide which schools will qualify for the county finals and these county finals are then held at the end of June to decide the county winners from Wiltshire. The Wiltshire champions will then go on to represent the county in the regional rounds of the competition.

ECB Kwik Cricket is a short and inclusive game that is great fun for children to play and is a great first experience of cricket for primary aged children. The rules are easy and simple to follow

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ECB/ESCA National Championship

At secondary school level the first competition on offer for boys cricket is the ECB/ESCA Under 14 competition. In Wiltshire this takes the form of a knockout tournament from which a county winner is established to go on and represent Wiltshire in national rounds the following year as Under 15s. Currently, Ali Goddard from Wiltshire Cricket adminsters this competition so please contact him if you are from a secondary school and wish to enter the competition.

ECB/ESCA Under 14 rules

ECB/ESCA Under 15 T20 Competition

The second secondary school competition for boys is the ECB/ESCA Under 15 T20 competition. It also starts as a county competition which then progresses to regional and national rounds, but is completed in the one year. It is also administered by Ali Goddard. Please contact him if you are a secondary school and wish to enter this competition.

ECB/ESCA Under 15 T20 rules

Previous winners


Under 15s - Marlborough College

Chance to Compete Competition

Under the banner of Chance to Shine we also deliver Chance to Compete indoor and outdoor competitions, at both under 13 and under 15 age groups. More information on these festivals can be found here