Wiltshire Cricket

Stay in the Game

Does your club struggle with losing teenage players?

Would you like some support to keep them at the club?

Through research conducted by independent companies Two Circles (ECB National Player Survey, 2013) and City Desk (When the Banter Is Over, Teen Research, 2013), the ECB has devised a selection of tools and resources that you can use at your club to help cricket reduce the drop off of players in this key age group.

The model to the right demonstrates a holistic approach where clubs can support the retention of young people by considering three key areas:

  • Playing
  • Volunteering
  • The Club

If you would like a downloadable version or a hard copy of Stay in the Game, please contact clubsupport@ecb.co.uk

Stay in the Game Playing

Most young people want the opportunity to play more cricket. This can be difficult with an oversubscribed junior section or trying to get juniors into open age teams.

Providing a selection of playing opportunities, along with innovative coaching for young players will help to reduce the drop off of teenagers.


By providing volunteering opportunities for young people within clubs, you can help to develop their personal skills, add to their playing experience and keep them interested in cricket.

Parents have a key influence over young players.

By bringing them into the club as volunteers as well, their children are more likely to keep playing.

The Club

The Club should be an environment that makes young people and their families feel welcomed by captains, friends and members; allowing them to become part of the wider club community. A few simple changes can help to ensure that young people are respected and have a voice within the club.