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Wiltshire Association of Cricket Officials

Wiltshire Association of Cricket Officials


Welcome to the fraternity of cricket umpires and scorers in general and to the Wiltshire Association of Cricket Officials in particular. Wiltshire includes many members of the Association of Cricket Umpires & Scorers who have a history going back many years; all its members are proud of the old ACU&S Association's service to the game and of its traditions. New members are expected to continue these traditions and assistance will be given to enable them to do so. Much enjoyment lies ahead both on and off the field; that is the object of the exercise at all levels of the game.

The Wiltshire Association was formed in April 2008 following a decision by the north and south branches of the ACU&S to disband and join with the English Cricket Board Officials Association to form the ECB ACO.
Currently we have 195 umpires and scorers.  Our numbers have grown by 29% in the last year alone.

The art of good umpiring technique is the ability to manage all aspects of the game within the Laws and Spirit of Cricket.


If you would like more information and wish to join the Wiltshire Association please contact  any of the Committee – see CONTACTS