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Wow - What a start to 2018 - A message of support to groundsman from Wiltshire Cricket's Pitch Advisor, Richard Mosdell

Wow, what a start to the 2018 season we have had, with scenes of rain and snow being the norm. For groundsman across the county, here's a few words of advice with a message not to panic from our Pitch Advisor, Richard Mosdell

The Ying and the Yang of a Cricket Square

Wiltshire Cricket's Pitch Advisor provides some more helpful advice with regards to handling current weather conditions, June 2018

A job for all seasons - Some advice for Groundsmen from our Pitch Advisor

With winter well and truly approaching it does not mean that the Wiltshire Cricket Grounds Association or our Pitch Advisor's support for clubs and groundsmen in Wiltshire stops, Here, Richard Mosdell offers some thoughts and guidance for groundstaff as they approach the winter months, November 2018