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Autumn Renovations - Hire the Wiltshire Cricket Grounds Association Trailer

WCGA Trailer Hire Letter to Clubs 2017

Cricket Square Renovations - A guide for club and operator

Wiltshire Cricket and Wiltshire Cricket Groundsman’s Association (WCGA) wishes to remind and inform clubs of the opportunity to hire the WCGA trailer for your end of season renovations.

Ensuring that we have good pitches is an essential part of providing a good cricket experience, and carrying out end of season renovations is an integral part of ensuring that we can produce good pitches.

Hiring the WCGA Trailer

To support clubs with their end of season renovations, the WCGA does operate two trailers.

Clubs who have previously hired the trailer will have been contacted directly by George Clift of the Wiltshire Cricket Groundsman’s Association with regards to booking in your renovations for 2017. However, the purpose of this message is to make all other clubs aware of the opportunity to hire one of our trailers to carry out your renovations. Therefore, please find attached above:

  • A trailer hire letter, which provides
    - More information on the trailer and its history
    - What you receive when you hire trailer
    - Costs of hire
    - Hiring process
  • A specification, which outlines
    - The service you should expect to receive from the operator conducting your renovations
    - What is expected of you as the hiring club

For clubs who don’t have any provision for carrying out their end of season renovations, we would strongly advise you to look in to hiring the WCGA trailer. It is an excellent service at a very good rate.

Clubs interested in hiring should contact George Clift, WCGA secretary, at georgeclift2004@yahoo.co.uk or 01380 813928