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Selection Policy

2014 Selection Policy

The Wiltshire CCC Committee will elect the selection committee at its Autumn meeting annually.

The Team Manager will chair the meeting and in his absence the Captain will assume the role. Where the captain is not available to attend, the vice-captain will take their place. On occasions the selection committee can co-opt another person onto the selection committee.

Where possible the selection committee will select a team to play including a 12th man with a minimum of 8 Wiltshire based players per game. Wiltshire based players are identified as follows:-

  • Players that play for a Wiltshire club
  • Players that live within the boundary of Wiltshire
  • Players that were born in the county
  • Attend a school within Wiltshire.

ECB require that the average age of the team shall be below 26 years, taking out the age of the two eldest players. Funding for achieving this target through the year is provided by the ECB to the club at the end of the season. When selecting teams to play the Committee will aim to select below the average age outlined above.

Selection will be made primarily from those players included in the Wiltshire CCC squad which will be selected in December each year in preparation for pre-season training. Prior to this in November, the Team Manager will discuss potential additions to the squad with the Wilts CDO from the Academy. This meeting will be a formal meeting to be arranged by the Wiltshire Cricket Limited CDM and Wiltshire CCC Team Manager.

Players selected for the squad will be invited to Wiltshire CCC pre–season nets. There will be occasions where players from outside the original squad may be selected by agreement of the selection committee.

Players will be selected on form and performances from the current season where possible.

In the event that there is a split decision on the team selection, the Captain should have the casting vote.

Selection will be held at an agreed time, normally at the conclusion of the previous match or within a week of it, and, at the latest, at least one week in advance of the game taking place.

Players can be removed from selection due to disciplinary reasons both internally and via ECB disciplinary procedures.

Every team will be picked with the intention to win the game, on rare occasions eg friendlies or a dead rubber the committee may decide to look at other players.

No player is guaranteed a place in the side, playing the previous game does not mean you will automatically be picked for the next game.

Attendance and performance at pre-season training and in matches will count towards early season selection. Your performance at the end of the previous season does not guarantee you a place in the side.

This Guidance will be reviewed annually between Wiltshire Cricket Ltd and Wiltshire County Cricket Club. This review will be conducted at the annual meeting in November.