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If you are reading this and are interested in finding out about opportunities to get involved in women or girls cricket in county please contact our Head of Women and Girls Cricket and/or visit our club cricket page to see the details of which clubs in Wiltshire are offering women or girls cricket currently

This Girl Can is a Sport England campaign that aims to forge new positive social attitudes to/around women and girls playing sport and being physically active, breaking down a key barrier (fear of judgement) so women feel more comfortable exercising.

The key objectives of This Girl Can are:

  • Getting more women and girls aged 14 – 40 regularly exercising or playing sport
  • Creating environments that reduce fear of judgment, increase confidence and ultimately give participants more enjoyment
  • Showing there is a new way of thinking and talking about women and girls who exercise and play sport
  • A communications campaign that sets a new tone, creates new role models and resonates for the long term.

ECB fully support the aims of the campaign and in preparation of the cricket season we will be developing resources and support to enhance the impact of this campaign within cricket.

The Campaign is predominantly a social media and advertising campaign aimed to attract more women into sport. Advertising will consist of:

  • TV adverts
  • Selected cinema adverts
  • Selected out of home advertising (billboards, roadside, station based)
  • YouTube takeovers
  • Social media
  • Café table wraps in selected areas

This is a long term campaign. A key element will be the marketing materials which partners and brands who share the values of our campaign can use.

The campaign is called This Girl Can. It is a sassy celebration of active women everywhere. It is an attitude, not a kite mark. We believe it is unlike any other campaign currently in the sporting sector.

Why are Sport England doing this and why are we supporting this?

Sport England is doing an increasing amount of work to address the gender gap in sports participation – by every measure; women play less sport than men.

Our growing insight, especially into younger women, shows that many of the barriers they encounter are emotional as well as practical – how they feel about sport is as important as finding a convenient, affordable option.

At the same time, we know that 75% of women and girls actually want to exercise and participate more.

The insight clearly shows that among women, there is a significant demand to be more active - but something is stopping them.

Sport England talked to women of all ages, right across England and identified a fresh and unifying insight - the fear of judgement. Whether it’s fear of judgement about appearance, ability, or for spending time on yourself rather than with family, it can outweigh women’s confidence to exercise.

The campaign therefore seeks to ‘Liberate women from fear of judgement’ Our tone of voice is positive, inclusive and a little bit sassy….’We speak to the girls as one of the girls”