Confirmation of Junior Cricket Pitch Lengths 2019 and beyond

Cricket Pitch Lengths 2019 and beyond

The Background:

In 2017 we saw the hugely successful launch of All Stars Cricket; a nationally developed and locally delivered participation programme for 5 to 8 year olds. Since that time, the ECB have been conducting significant research in to the appropriate formats and pitch lengths for 8 to 11 year olds, so as to ensure that the game offers an inclusive next step on the pathway that will continue to inspire children to play our sport.

“The proposed changes to pitch lengths and formats are a product of extensive research and trialling conducted by ECB over the past 3 years. I am impressed by the evidence of an improvement in techniques for batting, bowling and fielding. However, the most exciting feedback has come from the players themselves who found the new formats increased their enjoyment of playing our great game” – Junior Cricket Ambassador - Andrew Strauss

One of the features within the junior format recommendations for 8 to 11 year olds has been pitch lengths with the ECB introducing national recommendations of 15 yard pitches for under 9s and 17 yard pitches for under 11s. These new pitch lengths have been played to across many pilot programmes in 2018 with the feedback from those pilots being very positive. However, with 2018 being a pilot year it did mean children across the country having to adapt to playing some cricket to the new pitch lengths and other cricket to the previous pitch lengths.

Additionally, the recommendations around pitch lengths for under 11s has triggered the question to the ECB around recommended pitch lengths for older age groups. With under 11s cricket moving to 17 yards it could have meant a particularly big jump to the 21 yard pitches that under 12s and under 13s have traditionally played to up until the 2018 season. As a result of this question, the ECB have now mapped out recommended pitch lengths for all junior cricket. The pitch lengths for under 13s cricket was approved by the ECB Recreational Assembly on 29th November and will apply with immediate effect. The ECB is also working on the mapping of all pitch lengths through to senior level and these details will be communicated in due course.

Confirmed Cricket Pitch Lengths for 2019 and beyond:

With immediate effect, the following pitch lengths will apply to all levels of cricket in Wiltshire for the 2019 season, including:

  • Schools Cricket
  • Local Youth League Cricket
  • Wiltshire Youth Cricket League
  • District Cricket
  • County Cricket

As mentioned above, the new pitch lengths through to under 13a have been approved at a national level with all ECB competitions also to be played to the new pitch lengths with immediate effect. During 2019, there will be several game wide communications that will give more detail and rationale behind the changes above. However, the purpose of the information on this page is to confirm at the earliest notice to all stakeholders in Wiltshire that we will be changing to the new pitch lengths.

What next?

This information is being shared with all schools, clubs, coaches and leagues to ensure that all cricket across Wiltshire from 2019 onwards is being played on the same, appropriate, pitch length. We must ensure that our young cricketers are not having to train and play on different length pitches within different environments.

By way of this communication, Wiltshire Cricket Limited is requesting that you adopt the information in this paper and ensure that any cricket you manage is played on the correct length of pitch in 2019. 

A summary:

  • New Pitch Lengths for all junior cricket come in to force with immediate effect
    *Please note the information on this page is not suggesting any uniform change to formats, it is simply focusing on pitch lengths across the game
  • The changes are being made in order to create a better matchplay experience for all junior cricketers
  • The mapping of pitch lengths for all age groups provides a steady transition and increase in pitch length throughout a young cricketer’s pathway
  • The purpose of this information is to ensure we achieve uniformity and consistency across all cricket

Any questions in regard to the information above can be directed to Pete Sykes: