Wiltshire's Emerging Player Group for 2019-2020 is announced

On Monday evening a trial took place to select players for the 2019-2020 Wiltshire/Gloucestershire Emerging Player Programme. The Emerging Player Programme (EPP) is a prestigious one to one elite coaching programme for the most talented cricketers in Wiltshire between the ages of 13 and 17. Here are the selected players:

  • Sam Ashman
  • Jonny Sadler
  • Cameron Oliver
  • Ben Howgrave-Graham
  • Crofton Keyes
  • Oliver Whiteley
  • Jack Goodwin
  • Harry Robbins
  • Sean Montgomery
  • Edward Wade
  • Ben Higton
  • Will Pembroke
  • Josh Smith

The players above will now commence a weekly programme of intensive and personalised coaching, starting in November, and will also receive a Strength and Conditioing programme from Gloucestershire's S&C Coach, Ollie Hunt, throughout the duration of the programme.

Whilst great news for the players above, who are taken from the county boys under 13s to under 17s squads, the message to other players is to keep working hard. Within the EPP sessions, players can be invited on an ad-hoc basis if they are performing well within their own winter coaching programmes. The nature of Wiltshire's support from Gloucestershire means that a variety of Gloucestershire coaches will be supporting the programme meaing that when specialists some in it could mean additional players from within thse skillsets being invited.

Best wishes to all of the players listed above.