Women's Big Cricket Month to be celebrated across Wiltshire

Firstly, Wiltshire Cricket wants to say a huge thank you to its network of cricket clubs for the continued efforts and enthusiasm for Women and Girls cricket across Wiltshire!

We are only a month into cricket season and we have already witnessed some fantastic cricket activity taking place across Wiltshire, despite the poor weather. This includes plenty of Girls-only Dynamos Cricket, the start of Women’s Cricket leagues and a number of festivals for Women and Girls!

Looking forwards, the month of June is Women’s Big Cricket Month, and in Wiltshire we are going to be celebrating in style!

Women's Big Cricket Month

Women’s Big Cricket Month is back for a second year, aiming to give more women and girls the opportunity to play, follow or attend cricket in 2021. With exciting new activities at grassroots level, the second year of a brand new professional domestic structure in place, two fascinating England Women series and the launch of The Hundred, this year is shaping up to see more women and girls than ever before say ‘cricket is a game for me’.

Register for Women's Big Cricket Month

Is your club running women’s and girls’ cricket across June? Or are you an individual desperate to find out more about the stars of the England Women’s team? Follow the links below to help do your bit in taking women’s cricket to more people.

Register here

What are we doing in Wiltshire for Women's Big Cricket Month?

Throughout the month of June we will be looking to shine a light on all of the amazing women's and girls cricket that takes place across the county. As well as events that clubs register themselves via the link above, we will also be registering a number of events that are taking place across Wiltshire. 

Finally, whilst Women's Big Cricket Month is a national campaign to celebrate and promote Women and Girls cricket, it’s also a great campaign for growing the visibility at your own club!!

Here are some examples of social media/events that may be effective at your club:

  1. Case Studies (Players, Club, Coaches etc.) – Does anybody stand out? Has anybody come on an interesting journey into the club? How has W&Gs cricket changed at your club in recent years?
  2. Social Media Takeover – Many club social media accounts follow the Saturday league teams or junior teams…why not take over the account for a few days and focus on the W&Gs section?
  3. Meet the Team – Do the members at your club know who the ladies team is? Could you put together some player profiles?
  4. Special Events – Are you looking to grow your W&Gs club further? Could you put together a ‘Pizza & Prosecco’ Night? Could your girls section run a ‘Bring-a-friend’ night? Would a ‘Mums vs Daughters’ match be popular?
  5. Volunteer Celebration – The first week in June (1st – 7th) is also national volunteers week…are there any female volunteers at your club that could be celebrated/thanked?? (E.g. Coaches, Activators, Committee, Parents?)