Harnham Cricket Club demonstrate that Cricket is a game for all!

A salisbury-based cricket club are breaking down traditional cricket barriers with the aim of fostering and promoting accessible cricket opportunities within the community and within the sport itself!

Harnham Cricket Club have created a wonderful and thriving cricket community in the heart of Salisbury by developing some non-traditional cricket offerings. The club, funded in-part by Wiltshire & Swindon Sport and Salisbury City Council have created 4 lively playing sections; Women's Soft Ball, Children's Soft Ball, Children's Hard Ball and an excellent Over-50s offering (pictured).

The club has recently grown to over 50 members, many of whom are new to cricket or perhaps were introduced to the sport when younger, but have only recently started to play. In fact, the club is continuing to grow further throughout the winter months as they regularly make use of local indoor facilities in the City to provide active and enjoyable indoor cricket formats.

As Harnham CC grows and becomes more popular, it aims to provide recreational and competitive opportunities for players and perhaps become involved with wider cricket offers, such as Women's Soft Ball Festivals, which regularly take place throughout Wiltshire in the summer months. The club also promotes the development of new players and provides a continuation of cricket or supports signposting to other cricket providers in the area.

The 2022 season is an exciting one for Harnham CC, as they hope to become their own organisation by April by constituationalising their club and continuing to provide cricket opportunities for all. The sport will then continue to grow in Salisbury, thanks to the reallocation of Salisbury City Council funding to another part of the city, thus creating more accessible opportunities for more people and breaking down more barriers to participation!

Harnham CC are always looking to welcome new players to their supportive and growing club, regardless of age, gender or experience - Please contact Tom Gailey (tgailey@salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk or 01722 417100) for more information.