Wiltshire Cricket to deliver Skills Framework workshops for Cricket Club coaches across the county

Wiltshire Cricket launched its skills frameworks for batting, bowling and fielding in 2022 for use by the county coaches within the Wiltshire CCC Talent Pathway. These frameworks are being extended to anyone working in a club or school in Wiltshire, and they are designed for any level of coach with any range of experience to give players a head start with the attributes looked for in our Talent Pathway.

Information about the frameworks can be found by clicking on the link below and clicking on each discipline. Additional video content is also provided to explain each point.

Wiltshire Cricket Talent Pathway Framework


Skills Framework Coach Development Workshops

Following the launch of our Talent Pathway Framework and associated Skills Framework videos in the first part of 2022, we are delighted to now bring these to life via a series of workshops for coaches in the first part of 2023; with separate events for Batting, Bowling and Fielding:

Wiltshire Cricket – Bowling Skills Framework Workshop

Wiltshire Cricket – Batting Skills Framework Workshop

Wiltshire Cricket – Fielding Skills Framework Workshop


Each of the events above will be in the form of a 2 hour workshop, where different areas of each framework will be discussed, including:

  • When and why the frameworks are designed in such a way
  • What common trends are seen within our pathway players
  • What drills are used to develop players in alignment with the skills frameworks
  • What a critical role you as coaches have when working in Wiltshire clubs.

You will leave the workshops with a better understanding of what a county player looks like, at what stage to implement new challenges and focus areas, and some helpful session plan ideas with exercises and drills.


  • Tom Morton – Talent Pathway Manager
  • Dale Bowler – Lead EPP and Fast Bowling Coach

We look forward to seeing you and if you have anything you would like to discuss in advance of the workshop, please do not hesitate to contact our Head of Talent Pathway, Tom Morton:

Tom Morton

Tom Morton

Wiltshire Cricket Head of Talent Pathway