Wiltshire Cricket - Under 9s Cricket in 2023

Since the launch of All Stars Cricket in 2017 and latterly Dynamos Cricket in 2021, Wiltshire Cricket, through its fantastic network of clubs, has developed both programmes to the point that we are viewed as one of the leading counties in the country. Our registrations as measured against our county demographics show that we are over performing in terms of Wiltshire’s proportion of sign ups as a percentage of national sign ups. This means that collectively Wiltshire’s Cricket’s clubs are doing a great service to the game in terms of inspiring the next generation of young cricketers.

Running alongside both All Stars and Dynamos Cricket, we are also really fortunate to have a growing range of competitions available to junior cricketers, including:

In addition to the above we are also aware that several cricket clubs enter teams in to Under 9s festivals and over many years the Wiltshire Youth Cricket League has played a supporting role in collating dates of festivals and promoting them to clubs.

However, whilst we are aware that there is lots of good stuff happening at Under 9s we do not feel that we have a full grasp on the amount of activity that is taking place, and therefore whether more needs to be done to provide more competitive opportunities at Under 9s level.

With this in mind, Wiltshire Cricket has recently begun the process of collecting information from clubs with regards their Under 9s provision and will be hosting an Under 9s Information evening on Tuesday 28th March during which we will provide feedback and hold discussion on a number of topics:

Under 9s Cricket Information Evening

Items covered:

  1. The importance of Under 9s Cricket
  2. Club planning on hosting Under 9s Festivals in 2023?
  3. Clubs who will have an Under 9s team that will look to enter Under 9s festivals in 2023 if available?
  4. Format of Under 9s Cricket – (including club views on Festivals vs. League structures)
  5. Capturing Under 9s Cricket activity on play-cricket