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Wiltshire Cricket appoints Ged Montgomery to Head of Sponsorship role

Wiltshire Cricket Limited (WCL) is delighted to welcome Ged Montgomery to our team. Ged will be working with the Cricket Board in the role of Head of Sponsorship.  As a not for profit company, WCL is reliant on the money received from our main funders, ECB and Chance to Shine, to deliver many of our core activities. However, as a Cricket Board, we have always aimed to deliver more than just our core activities. We have a belief that the bigger our development team, the more support we can offer to our schools, clubs, players and other stakeholders. With this growth though comes the challenge of having the appropriate resources to deliver and sustain the breadth of activities for which we are currently responsible. WCL is very aware that there are many opportunities to work with different groups and audiences to help spread the power of cricket, but with a finite resource, our capability is currently limited. 

Ged’s new role will enable WCL to actively promote the great work that Wiltshire Cricket already does, with a view to attracting new supporters and partners. Initially, Ged will focus on promoting our talent pathway programme, which currently sees Wiltshire Cricket deliver district and county programmes for girls and boys from the ages of 10 to 17. Having this clear and visible talent pathway programme that is professionally delivered is hugely important to the game as a whole. Any girl or boy wanting to begin an association with cricket at any age should be able to clearly see what the opportunities are for them and what their pathway looks like. With this in mind, Ged will also be finding support for the competitions that Wiltshire Cricket facilitates, ranging from school competitions through to club competitions. Having appropriate opportunities for players in all of the different environments in which they may access the game is very important to the future and health of the game.

Speaking of the new role, Wiltshire Cricket Managing Director, Pete Sykes, said the following; ‘We are delighted to have Ged on board and through his extensive experience in this area, together with his passion and interest for the game, we are confident that he will make a real impact in terms of raising awareness of the work that Wiltshire Cricket does. As a Cricket Board we are passionate about the difference that cricket can make to people’s lives. It is a sport that can connect families and communities and we are currently very proud of the work we do in Wiltshire to promote the game. However, if we want to continue to grow our reach as well as improve the quality of the programmes we already offer, we know that we will need to increase our revenue streams. 

Ged commented; 'I am delighted to be joining the Wiltshire Cricket team to develop the sponsorship and the many promotional opportunities for all our teams across the county. As anyone who knows me will testify, I am extremely passionate about the game and will take great pleasure in seeing others find the same pleasure, no matter what their age or skill level when they start to play.  I am also looking forward to meeting with many like-minded people and organisations across the county who can help in a range of ways to continue to support and develop this game that we all love so much’.

As mentioned above, Ged’s initial work will focus on promoting representative cricket and our talent pathway programme as well as looking for support for the many competitions that Wiltshire Cricket delivers. Ged will also be introducing a series of new events including dinners and Golf Days to support the cricketing activities in the county

So to close, If any companies or individuals would be interested in having a conversation about sponsorship opportunities in these areas then please contact Ged at ged.montgomery@wiltshirecricket.co.uk or visit our sponsorship page

We wish Ged the very best with this exciting new role!