Wiltshire Cricket

Wiltshire Cricket Strategy 2020-2024 - Consultation - Your opportunity to contribute

In January of this year, the ECB launched its strategy, Inspiring Generations, for the period of 2020-2024. With significant investment aligned to it, Inspiring Generations outlines how the whole game will come together with the common goal of inspiring current and future generations to either continue playing and following the game, or to begin an affinity and love for Cricket.

To ensure that the increased support from the ECB is spent effectively and is aligned to the direction that ‘Inspiring Generations’ is taking counties, each of the 38 Counties and Wales have been asked to produce their own plan. With this in mind, Wiltshire Cricket has been working hard in recent months to develop its own strategy and in doing so has followed a robust process to get to the point today where we are able to share with you our Strategy Consultation document.

Our strategy document aligns very closely to ECB’s Inspiring Generations but importantly identifies the local activities that we would like to deliver between 2020-2024. These are the activities that we feel will have the biggest impact during that period so that come 2024 we will have created a real legacy from the investment we will have received during the preceding five years.

The content within the strategy consultation document has been developed by the Wiltshire Cricket Board of Directors, Wiltshire Cricket Development team and with great support from each of the key leagues and associations of Wiltshire Cricket. Importantly, it is also a strategy for both the Cricket Board and Wiltshire County Cricket Club with both organisations looking to come together to deliver one plan for the future.

However, we are now at the point where we need and want to take the consultation wider. For a long time we have prided ourselves on being a high performing Cricket Board but we believe that the production of a fully consulted and resourced strategy can help to drive Wiltshire Cricket forward and to ensure that we have a clear focus for the period of 2020-2024. We want Wiltshire Cricket’s strategy to be a clear representation of the ambitions of the collective Wiltshire Cricket community and with this in mind we now invite as many people as possible to complete our consultation form.

The deadline for completing the consultation form is Monday 21st October

The results from this consultation process will be crucial in helping us to shape the future strategy and direction of Wiltshire Cricket. At the conclusion of the consultation phase we will apply a scoring mechanism to help us pull the identified priorities from this document, in order to produce a final strategy consisting of high impact activities across each area of the game; activities that will be representative of the priorities and ambitions that will have been identified by the collective Wiltshire Cricket community.