Wiltshire Cricket - Coronavirus Update

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to dominate the headlines, we want to share with you the latest set of guidelines the Government has advised us to follow.  

This is a situation that is moving quickly, and we suggest you read carefully all the materials we share.  

Coronavirus has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation. COVID-19 has now appeared in multiple locations in the UK and is highly contagious.  

The likelihood of widespread cases now seems inevitable, and we believe it’s essential to have plans and advice in place  for participants of CCB activities

The Government’s action plan is as follows: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-action-plan

The most recent advice is that if a person feels unwell, with symptoms such as a new and continuous cough, they should self-isolate at home for seven days. If someone feels unwell in the office, you should have an isolation room set aside where they can be taken and call 111 for help and advice.  

Clubs and Leagues

We are understandably beginning to get enquiries from clubs and leagues about the upcoming cricket season. The latest news is that we have been informed that the ECB are working on an update and as soon as this is avialable we will share with the network in Wiltshire.

Current County and District Winter Coaching Programmes

In terms of the current winter coaching programme position, firstly the best advice is for us to play our part in stopping the spread by encouraging regular hand washing, use of tissues when coughing and staying at home for 7 days if you develop a temperature or persistent cough. There is no current requirement to cancel public gatherings or events apart from in Scotland where events with more than 500 people are to be cancelled.

On the last point above, we have this morning contacted every school and leisure centre from which we deliver district or county winter coaching programmes. We can confirm that at this stage all centres and facilities remain open and therefore all programmes will go ahead as planned until further notice. However, within these sessions there are clearly things to encourage such as washing of hands, avoiding contact etc and things to discourage such as sharing cricket balls and equipment unncessarily. We would also advise a total ban on anyone applying saliva to the ball.

If the national advice changes with regards to small gatherings at any point and/or if any centres or schools decide to close then we will of course react to this, follow advice and keep everyone informed. Additionally, if coaches develop symptoms and are therefore required to stay at home then we would expect players to be tolerant to the fact that sessions may not be able to continue if there is no fit and healthy coach to deliver. Equally we have asked for coaches tolerance if players choose not to attend due to them showing symptoms,

As and when further updates are received we will of course keep everyone informed.

Other Cricket events and sessions

There are of course many other cricket events happening or scheduled to take place in the coming days and weeks, including indoor leagues, club training sessions and Coach Development courses. At this stage we would urge everyone involved to stay aware of the latest government advice. Where further advice is required we will ensure this is issued to the cricket community in Wiltshire.

Thanks for your cooperation during this time.