End of Season Renovations - Hire the Wiltshire Cricket Trailer!

We are delighted to share a really supportive and constructive message from the Wiltshire Cricket Groundsman’s Association regarding the Trailers that we as a county operate to support clubs with end of season renovations. Within Paul’s message is some important detail on the importance of end of season renovations as well as a signpost to where financial support for end of season renovations can be found (please contact pete.sykes@wiltshirecricket.co.uk for more information on this).

Message from Paul Jackson, Wiltshire Cricket Groundsman’s Association (WCGA) Chairman:

Good Afternoon ,

My name is Paul Jackson and I am the Chairman of the Wiltshire Cricket Groundsman’s Association.

You will have seen an email on the 9th July, from our Secretary George Clift, inviting clubs to book the Wiltshire Trailer for their 2020 Autumn Renovations.  Whilst some of you have made a booking or are in the process of booking the trailer, we have not heard from as many clubs as we would normally.

Covid-19 has meant that this season has been very different.  No one was sure if we would be able to play any Cricket at all; Clubs were concerned about whether they would manage to raise sufficient income to pay their bills and for their club to survive; where finances were less of an issue, people were concerned about whether they could get hold of essential grounds maintenance supplies; and the list of worries and concerns goes on.  In July we were finally given the green light to play a shortened season, although many clubs have tried to squeeze in as much Cricket as possible and, where possible, play further into September than normal to facilitate more matches.

Despite clubs being able to play cricket now, some are still struggling, particularly financially, and are having to make tough decisions on what to use their limited resources for. One of the areas for debate is likely to be the Autumn Renovations. Some clubs are wondering whether they need to do it at all, because perhaps they are using the square less; others would like to undertake the work, but are finding that the costs are not affordable this season. 

Fortunately there is now some advice and potential support for clubs to help them in making their decision: 

The Grounds Management Association have produced advice to Cricket Clubs as to why the renovations should still be done this season - guidance on preparing pitches document. – the renovations advice is on Page 7

The ECB have now include  the costs of Autumn Renovations in their “Return to Cricket Grant Scheme”, so clubs might be able to gain some financial support for this work where they meet the criteria  - Return to Cricket Grant Scheme Guidance Notes - Application Forms can be obtained through Pete Sykes at pete.sykes@wiltshirecricket.co.uk

I hope this is helpful information.

As with the cricket this season, the renovations timeframe is being moved out into October to allow clubs, who are playing later in September, to make a booking.  Should you decide to book the Wiltshire Trailer for Autumn Renovations this season, please let me know either via email – emailjacko@talktalk.net or mobile 07962229704