Important ECB DBS Update - Future of Virtual vs. Face to Face Verifications

FAO Club Safeguarding Officers

As clubs will be aware, throughout this current lockdown, DBS Face to Face verifications have been put on hold and replaced with online verifications with restricted access to complete the verifications. During this period, the team at Wiltshire Cricket have completed a lot of verifications on behalf of clubs but we know it has been challenging for some club welfare officers (now being re-named as club safeguarding officers) to stay on top of DBS verifications given the inability for you to complete these on behalf of your club volunteers.

We are pleased to say that the ECB has released an update in relation to DBS verifications. This detailed update can be read in the attached document.

ECB DBS Update March 2021

However, headline notes from the update are:

  • The policy on DBS verifications will change in line with the UK Government’s Step 2 road map out of lockdown which sees the easing of lockdown restrictions on gatherings, outdoor activities, and a return of formally organised, outdoor sport.
  • From the 12th April all Video ID verifications should cease in England and Wales and revert back to face-to-face verifications
  • Face-to-face ID document verification can take place from the 12th April, as long as the verifier and those requiring their ID to be verified observe all Government guidelines.
  • All ID verifications to take place in an outdoor setting, and not inside someone else’s home

Until 12th April, Wiltshire Cricket staff will continue to be available to support online verifications so please keep forwarding any verifications to us as required: