Wiltshire Cricket Limited is delighted to announce the launch of the 2021 Wiltshire Wallop

Wiltshire Cricket Limited is delighted to announce the launch of the 2021 Wiltshire Wallop.

Despite the late start to the 2020 Cricket season we were delighted to still be able to facilitate a Wiltshire Wallop competition with Corsham CC running out winners at a final day in early September.

With increasing hopes for a full recreational cricket season we are now delighted to start planning for the 2021 competition.

What is the Wiltshire Wallop?

The Wiltshire Wallop is a fun, simple, 20 over competition open to all Wiltshire affiliated clubs. It is the only competition that is open to clubs from all corners of the county, as we aim to find Wiltshire’s premier T20 team!

Below is a loose format of the competition:

  • 20 over matches
  • Run during May, June, July and August
  • Group matches to be played during a selected fortnight. (you can decide which day and time)
  • Local groups of 4 or 5 teams (this will be confirmed once number of teams are established)
  • Each team playing each other a minimum of once (maybe twice - again confirmed once numbers are established)
  • Proposed Finals day (for cup and plate) on Sunday 15th August 2021 (tbc).
  • Social media coverage and competitions throughout the tournament.


Groups – these have always tried to be created on a geographical basis, to keep the travel time to a minimum. So the groups will be created (as best as possible) in terms of distance between the clubs.

Other Important Information:

  • Play-Cricket – We will continue to use play-cricket for the competition, using www.wiltsclubcomps.play-cricket.com
  • Pink balls and coloured clothing – This has not previously been mandatory and nor will it be this year. However, the feedback from clubs that have used it is always positive and so we encourage clubs to try ideas such as coloured clothing and pink balls so as to make the competition as appealing and eye catching as possible
  • Plate finals day – We realise that the Wallop can sometimes provide slight mismatches in the group stages of the competition. With teams entering from all different levels it is hard to create a completely even playing field. However, through the provision of a Plate finals day we hope this helps to involve all teams in the group stages and gives teams something to continue to play for if they lose early matches. The Plate finals day will continue in 2021.
  • Competition and Discipline rules for finals day – As we always stress, the aim of the competition is to be as unbureaucratic as possible, and as such we will continue to encourage games to be played in that spirit, particularly in the group stages where there will not be centrally appointed umpires. However, based on feedback a couple of years ago we will again provide slightly more formalised competition rules and frameworks for the finals day stage at which point appointed umpires will be in place.
  • Disciplinary regulations – In addition to the above, Wiltshire Cricket Limited’s disciplinary regulations relating to any competition played under the management of the Cricket Board will apply. In the event of any reports from matches played in the Wiltshire Wallop, these regulations will be followed.

How to enter and next steps?

We now need to know if you would like to enter the competition. Once we have a list of clubs willing to enter then groups can be created and match rules sent out.

Please confirm your entry by emailing pete.sykes@wiltshirecricket.co.uk by Friday 26th March 2021. We will then confirm entries and formats very shortly after.