Update on ECB's Outdoor Recreational Cricket Guidance

The ECB has today released an update in relation to its Outdoor Recreational Cricket guidance including some further clarifications around key questions relating to spectators ...

ECB Update re. Organised Outdoor Cricket in England – issued 15th April:

With the recent changes in Government guidance (Step 2 in England), we want to try and share the latest information with you to help you bring your club back to life as we start the season.  We know that many of you have been working hard to get your club ready, interpreting what is permissible and also communicating what is different to your players, members and volunteers.

We want to make this as easy as possible for you and have therefore provided the latest up to date guidance and accompanying infographics, which we hope will help provide more clarity to you and your members.  Please continue to visit www.ecb.co.uk/covid19 where there will be regular updates available for you.

There are some great examples of what is being achieved out there, so please continue to forward these through to your County Cricket Board, so we can showcase common solutions across the whole game, as we all get ready for the start of the season.

By way of a reminder:

  • You should only move to the next step when you are ready to do so.  Take your time and make sure you don’t over stretch yourselves.
  • Use the checklist on our website to make sure you understand what you need to do
  • Before you commit to any activity, ensure you’ve undertaken a risk assessment and you are comfortable
  • Use the signs and resources on the ECB Resource Hub to make sure your members know what is expected, before they arrive on site and whilst they are present

What’s new in England from 12th April:

  • Remember on field activity remains the same as from the 29th March (Step 1B), so there are no changes from previous guidance
  • The guidance for off field activity has changed, but again, that doesn’t mean you have to, only change if and when you are comfortable in doing so

Who is permitted to attend organised outdoor cricket activity in England?

  • a parent, suitable adult or carer attending in a supervisory role for an U18 player or a player with a disability (maximum 1 adult per U18 player)
  • those attending for hospitality where available, subject to following the club’s and the government’s guidance
  • a club official/volunteer who is organising on and/or off-field activities

Government guidance clearly states no other spectators should be present. (i.e. if you don’t meet one of the above 3, you should not be there).

It is also important to remember to follow all Government guidance for off the field activity, including travel and social distancing at all times.

Thank you for the great work you are doing locally, please continue to visit our www.ecb.co.uk/covid19 for FAQs and latest guidance. Where needed please liaise with your local County Cricket Board for any further information.

Latest Supporting Documents + Interpreting this update:

Following the update above I would make the following comments on some of the key areas causing concern or confusion:

Being ready to move to the next step – The meaning behind this is that with every progression through the Government’s roadmap there will also be increased things for Cricket clubs to manage, and more things to risk assess. Therefore, there is no pressure on clubs to move at the same pace as everyone else. However, if you do choose to move to the next step then it is important you are aware of the responsibilities associated (e.g. opening up outdoor hospitality)

Full Guidance effective from Government Step 2 - 12th April 2021 – The latest full version of the ECB Outdoor Recreational Cricket Guidance can be downloaded from www.ecb.co.uk/covid19

Latest FAQs – The latest FAQs can be downloaded from www.ecb.co.uk/covid19, and I would highlight from these that there is information given around spectators, hospitality and travel as well as other things. In addition I hope ECB’s update above gives some needed clarity around the question of who can attend organised outdoor cricket activity

Risk Assessment – It is really important that when providing any cricket this summer we get in to a culture of risk assessing our activities, both on and off the field. This is an important part of understanding our ability to move to each step of the Government’s and ECB’s roadmap, and in ensuring we are prepared for the activities we are delivering. You can download the ECB’s risk assessment template from www.ecb.co.uk/covid19

Action Checklist – A good way of preparing your club for offering cricket and to check that you have everything in place is by going through the checklist. Again, the latest version of the checklist can be downloaded from www.ecb.co.uk/covid19.

Finally, Wiltshire Cricket would just finish by saying that we know some of the stuff above is not easy, particularly around managing spectators who are not partaking in outdoor hospitality. However, ensuring high levels of compliance with this guidance is crucial for Cricket’s ongoing positive reputation and safe return of our sport.

Thank you ever so much for all that you are doing.