ECB Anti-Discrimination Code and Reporting Discrimination

ECB Anti-Discrimination Code

Earlier this month, the new ECB Anti-Discrimination Code was published. The full version of the code is attached.

The Anti-Discrimination Code has been produced as part of the on-going EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) work within cricket and alongside the recent Game-wide commitments the ECB has published (

Why was the ECB Anti-Discrimination Code introduced?

  • The Code aims to ensure that there are consistent appropriate regulations relating to discriminatory behaviour.
  • The ECB is committed to making positive change to ensure cricket is a game for everyone. Anyone that wants to play, watch or be involved at any level of the game must feel welcome and safe. Cricket has the power to connect people and communities. It is our collective duty to ensure an inclusive environment that allows those connections with our game and its people to thrive.

Implementing the Code:

  • The Cricket Board – Please note that Wiltshire Cricket Limited will be adopting and implementing the code with immediate effect and it will apply to all organisations and competitions under our auspices (County Board run competitions, Talent Pathway Cricket)
  • Our Affiliated Clubs – As an affiliated club to both Wiltshire Cricket and ECB, you will be bound by the Anti-Discrimination Code
    • This should not be seen as anything daunting. The code is a commitment to stamping out any form of discrimination and to making the game more inclusive and diverse. The code sets out that that any discriminatory behaviour will be dealt with through disciplinary processes and sanctions.
    • Clubs may wish to update their policies to reflect that the Anti-Discrimination Code has been adopted within their club, and that a breach of the code will trigger disciplinary processes and sanctions
  • Leagues in Wiltshire – We will be working with Leagues to adopt this code and to update their relevant disciplinary processes to reflect this

Reporting Discrimination

A further commitment within the ECB’s game wide EDI commitment was to produce a game wide whistleblowing process by the end of February 2022, in order for reporting of discrimination to go through a centrally resourced process with associated and independent expertise to manage any reports.

Please note that this reporting process is now live and can be found here;

Within this page you will find summaries on:

  • How to report discrimination
  • What happens when you make a report?

Submitting a report – The link for an individual to submit a report can be found here.