Launch of Wiltshire Cricket Club Workshops: "What makes a great cricket club? Set your club up for the future"

Launching Wiltshire Cricket's Club Workshops: "What makes a great cricket club? Set your club up for the future"

We are delighted to confirm the launch of two in person club workshops taking place this Spring. We very much encourage every affiliated club to find representatives to attend one of the workshops as the outcomes from them, as indicated below, will aim to help you identify what it is that will set your Cricket club up for a successful, sustainable and inclusive future.

About the workshops:

At Wiltshire Cricket we care passionately about making Cricket the most inclusive Sport in our country. We also believe that the best way for cricket clubs to thrive and for us to collectively achieve that ambition is through building Cricket clubs that are diverse, welcoming and inclusive. Through these workshops we will explore the benefits of good governance within your clubs and through interactive discussion we will look at how being diverse in your playing offers, diverse in your decision making, and how creating an inclusive and welcoming culture will be the best way to set your Cricket club up for a successful future.

Please be assured this is not another training session; the evening will be interactive with plenty of opportunities for attendees to engage with other Cricket clubs in the room. We are running two identical workshops in order to give a couple of different options for your club to attend. We can cater for up to three people from your cricket club at each event and within these three people we would encourage you to bring a variety of different voices from within your Cricket club. For example, one person might be committee member, one might be a player and one might be from a specific part of your club such as your Women and Girls section or Junior section if you have them

Dates of workshops:


Thursday 7th March

7pm – 9pm

Assembly Room, Devizes Town Hall, St.John's Street, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 1BN


Monday 25th March

7pm – 9pm

“The Clubhouse”, South Wilts Cricket Club, Skew Bridge, Wilton Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 9NY

The two workshops will be the same and we will have capacity for three people from your club at each workshop. However, if you had more than three people wanting to attend then we would be happy for you to spread your attendance across the two workshops.

To book a place:

These workshops are now open for registrations. Here’s the Booking Link:

When booking a place there is an option for one person from a Cricket club to register up to three people for attendance at their chosen workshop.

We very much hope that our clubs will be excited and enthused to attend one of our workshops and we look forward to working with you through these workshops to help shape the future of your Cricket clubs.

For more information, please contact Pete Sykes: