Wiltshire Cricket releases Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan for 2024 onwards

Wiltshire Cricket has an overarching vision to ‘Inspire a lifelong love and involvement in Cricket for all of Wiltshire.’ Equity and Inclusion is a core part of reaching the diverse communities of Wiltshire to establish the lifelong love of the game.

Since the launch of our first ever EDI Action Plan in 2022, we have been delighted to make significant progress across the following areas.

In our updated EDI Action Plan, we cover the following:

  • Our overarching EDI vision and mission
  • A review of our progress since the launch of our first EDI Action Plan in 2022
  • A look at the key demongraphics of Wiltshire as a county
  • A look at three 2024 specific EDI projects
  • The broader plans across our headlines work areas for 2024 and beyond

In sharing our updated Equity, Diversity and Inclusion plan we look forward to working collectively with the game across Wiltshire to make our sport the most welcoming and inclusive sport that it can possibly be.

Read the Wiltshire Cricket 2024 EDI Action Plan

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