Wiltshire Cricket successfully delivers two club workshops focused around the benefits of Inclusion and good governance

Throughout March 2024 Wiltshire Cricket delivered two workshops entitled "What makes a great Cricket Club" during which we explored with clubs across the county the benefits of being an inclusive, diverse and well governed Cricket club.

Background to the workshops

At Wiltshire Cricket we care passionately about making Cricket the most inclusive Sport in our country. We also believe that the best way for cricket clubs to thrive and for us to collectively achieve that ambition is through building Cricket clubs that are diverse, welcoming and inclusive.

Through these workshops we wanted to start collectively talking about why having a diverse and inclusive management structure as well as a varied range of playing opportunities would be good for the future of our game and, importantly, be the right thing for us as a Sport to lead on.

The workshops

The workshops were delivered in an interactive manner with the club attendees leading the discussion in small groups. The workshops themselves were split in to four sections:

  1. Exploring how we as Cricket clubs would want to be perceived
  2. With inclusion and diversity in mind, what is it that we are trying achieve
  3. With those ambitions in mind, why are we wanting to achieve them?
  4. Knowing what our ambitions are, and why we want to achieve them, how are we going to go about getting there?

Themes emerging from the evening

  • Emerging from the four conversations above were some really compelling ideas and plans from our Cricket clubs. In the coming weeks, Wiltshire Cricket will be consolidating the notes from the evening and then playing these back to the clubs in the room
  • The final exercise of the evening involved clubs committing to one pledge that they would take away from the evening. These have also been captured and will be shared appropriately in the weeks to come
  • Pleasingly, there was a really strong appetite from attendees in the room for us to continue the conversation at future club workshops. Therefore, in the coming weeks Wiltshire Cricket will be taking the findings from the workshops to help plan our next club facing workshops
  • One key idea and piece of feedback that emerged from the workshops was a request for Wiltshire Cricket to facilitate more sharing of best practice and case studies between Cricket clubs across the county. We will be working on this in the weeks and months to come.

Wiltshire Cricket's thanks go to the clubs and their representatives who attended our two workshops. The energy in both workshops was fantastic ... demonstrating that there is a real commitment from across the club game in Wiltshire for us to become the most inclusive and welcoming sport that we possibly can be.