Wiltshire Cricket announces our Term 4 School award winners!

We are delighted to announce the winners of our Term 4 School awards, with congratulations going to; Swindon Academy Primary School, Mr Pocock of Orchid Vale Primary School, and Florence from Lainesmead Primary.

At Wiltshire Cricket, we are hugely proud to work in some amazing schools in Wiltshire every single day of the Academic year! Supported by funding from Chance to Shine we are able to meet some amazing teachers and pupils as we contine our ambition to spread the power of Cricket to as many children and teachers as possible.

Through our termly awards we are able to recognise just a small number of our Chance to Shine schools, teachers and participants. The awards aim to recognise those who have truly embraced the opportunity to receive Cricket in their schools. You can view all historic school award winners here. For Term 4, we are delighted to share the following winners:

School of the Term

Teacher of the Term

Pupil of the Term