Update to ECB's Outdoor Recreational Cricket Guidance - Changes effective from 12 April

Over the course of this week there have been a lot of Government announcements in relation to the changing restrictions from next Monday, 12th April. In light of this there has been some confusion around what this means for the sport sector, and specifically Cricket. With that in mind, please find some updates below:

Updated ECB COVID Roadmap

Firstly, please note that the ECB has updated its Covid-19 Roadmap, a copy of which, can be found below:

ECB Covid-19 Roadmap Updated 8th April 2021

Main clarifications to note

The subjects that have caused some confusion this week have related to spectator guidance, outdoor hospitality, and the travel situation. On each of these points we can confirm the following ECB position, following meetings and clarifications with DCMS yesterday:

Spectators – The ECB have confirmed that spectators are permissible under the previously outlined exemptions and it is understood that clubs are not expected to control the wider public outside of their organised outdoor activity or hospitality.  Clubs are however expected to act responsibly in not promoting any breaches of Government guidance. However, sporting events that are intended to attract spectators (including ticketed events), or events that are likely to attract a significant number of spectators (e.g. a game with a large crowd) should not take place in a public space, or on private land, until step three (pending confirmation from the Government).

Outdoor Hospitality – The ECB can confirm that outdoor hospitality and outdoor organised sport can take place at the same time.  Patrons are permissible, subject to following the outdoor guidance on hospitality and wider social gathering limits (2 households or rules of 6), clubs should ensure they fully comply with the hospitality guidance prior to considering opening for outdoor hospitality.

Travel – There are no changes in travel and the position on car sharing remains as previously communicated last week.

Wider support available to clubs

It is noted and well understood that the restrictions around hospitality will present financial challenges for some clubs. With that in mind, I would signpost clubs to check whether you are eligible for the following:

Coronavirus Restart Grant