Wiltshire Cricket to deliver programme of mixed and girls only All Stars and Dynamos camps in 2022

We are looking ahead to a bumper summer of Cricket and to align with this we are delighted to confirm a series of summer holiday camps that will be delivered by Wiltshire Cricket. These will be based around All Stars and Dynamos, and include a mixture of Mixed camps, and Girls only camps.

In Wiltshire, we have already seen approrximately 1900 children enjoy All Stars and Dynamos in the first half of the summer, and we are now looking forward to more programmes running in the second half of the summer.

What is All Stars Cricket?

All Stars Cricket provides a fantastic first experience for all children aged 5-8 years old where they’re guaranteed 8 weeks of jam-packed fun, activity and skills development. The programme is designed to introduce children to the sport, teaching them new skills, helping them make new friends and have a great time doing so.

Every child that registers will receive a backpack full of goodies. Your child’s pack will include:

  • Backpack
  • Cricket bat
  • Cricket ball
  • Personalised shirt with your child’s name
  • Cap

What is Dynamos Cricket?

Dynamos Cricket provides a fantastic next step for all those graduating from All Stars Cricket and the perfect introduction for all 8-11 year-olds new to the sport!

Complementing junior cricket, Dynamos provides children with a more social offer focused on developing fundamental movement skills and applying them in an exciting game of countdown cricket.

We know how important it is to look like the heroes of the game, so every child who registers will receive their very own Dynamos Cricket New Balance t-shirt, personalised with their name and number.

What camps are we running this summer?

Delivered by Wiltshire Cricket, we are delighted to launch the following camps for this summer:

Mixed Camps    
All Stars    
Swindon Cricket Club Tuesday 26th July - Friday 29th July, 10am - 12pm https://ecb.clubspark.uk/AllStars/Course/2461d96e-a21d-485d-ba89-ec7b703f4919 
Winterbourne Cricket Club Tuesday 2nd August - Friday 5th August, 10am - 12pm https://ecb.clubspark.uk/AllStars/BookCourse/cfc37f04-0798-45a9-8100-ae9fdf72d668
Swindon Cricket Club Tuesday 26th July - Friday 29th July, 1pm - 3pm https://ecb.clubspark.uk/Dynamos/BookCourse/8aa2eb64-a625-4588-ae61-90a6347edbc9
Winterbourne Cricket Club Tuesday 2nd August - Friday 5th August https://ecb.clubspark.uk/Dynamos/BookCourse/dbc0286c-c708-43fc-8fce-3d440acaa71f
Girls Only Camps    
All Stars    
Trowbridge Cricket Club Wedneaday 10th August - Friday 12th August, 10am - 12pm https://ecb.clubspark.uk/AllStars/BookCourse/40b7cf47-e6b3-4a98-8569-512c207d804d
Marlborough Cricket Club Wednesday 17th August - Friday 19th August, 10am - 12pm https://ecb.clubspark.uk/AllStars/BookCourse/72d3734c-0bd5-4dcb-baaa-75b049d39a8e
Trowbridge Cricket Club Wednesday 10th August - Friday 12th August, 1pm - 3pm https://ecb.clubspark.uk/Dynamos/BookCourse/f336bcdf-aefa-436e-9bd8-4d73587e5b81
Marlborough Cricket Club Wednesday 17th August - Friday 19th August, 1pm - 3pm https://ecb.clubspark.uk/Dynamos/BookCourse/75f5e454-3720-481e-827a-7e61ac8a6068