Wiltshire Queries to support Vitality Under 19 T20 competition

Wiltshire Cricket is hugely grateful to the Wiltshire Queries Cricket Club who have agreed to support Wiltshire's Vitality Under 19 Club T20 competition, making our competition here on known as:

Vitality Under 19 T20 in association with Wiltshire Queries Cricket Club

The Wiltshire Queries Cricket Club

The Queries, formed in 1932, is the county wandering club for Wiltshire.  It was and still is set up to play midweek and Sunday non-league cricket, preferring to play ‘time games’ as opposed to limited overs, as it sees real variety and relevance in this format.

When originally set up, the guidelines were simple:  cricket should be enjoyable and fun; that the process of playing was to be carried out seriously; that as far as was possible, no-one would go home without having had a chance to bat, bowl or keep wicket; that no-one playing would ever feel "left out" off the field; that dull draws must be avoided at all costs; and that above all those who played for or against the Club would want to do so again the following season, or the following week, or even the following day.

The Club has no written or formal Constitution and indeed its very informality may well be key to its longevity.  Nevertheless, the Queries play their cricket seriously and are keen to ensure that the players enjoy their game.  They want to inspire younger cricketers to enjoy a life-long love of the game. The Queries love their cricket.


Twitter: @WiltshireQueri1

Facebook: @wiltshire queries cricket club

Vitality Under 19 T20 in association with Wiltshire Queries Cricket Club - Competition Background

The Vitality U19 Club T20 competition was developed through player insight to combat a national trend within clubs – young players dropping out of the game after U15s.

The insight gathered from 1000 young players (current and lapsed) pointed to these key factors:

  • After U15s age group cricket, there is no specific offer for young players
  • 16–19 year olds want to play with their friends
  • Young players are keen to develop their own skills by taking more responsibility (volunteering)
  • They want short formats, with coloured kit and lively atmosphere where their friends can watch