Club Safeguarding Officers

Guidance on appointing and training a Club Safeguarding Officer

It is a mandatory requirement that every ECB affiliated club and organisation recruit, appoint and train a Club Safeguarding Officer.

This is essential to provide a “first point of contact” for everyone within the club and the ECB for child safeguarding matters, and crucially, to ensure the club is adopting and implementing, the safeguarding activities necessary for it to fulfil its duty of care for children.

The role of Club Safeguarding Officer meets the legal definition of regulated activity. This means that the club MUST ensure the individual is properly vetted and that he or she is not barred from working with children.

Therefore, the Club Safeguarding Officer MUST have, or obtain, a current valid ECB DBS check. 

Guidance on obtaining an ECB DBS check

Who should be a Club Safeguarding Officer?

The person selected for the role of Club Safeguarding Officer must be able to:

The importance of selecting the right person cannot be over-stated. The person selected may well be privy to some of the most private aspects of club members lives and must show they are able, and experienced enough, to handle confidential matters.

Club Safeguarding Officer Role Profile

Club Safeguarding Officer Training Requirements

The ECB requires all Club Safeguarding Officers to hold three current qualifications

  1. A current valid ECB DBS check
  2. ECB Safe Hands workshop
  3. Safeguarding for Committee Members & Club Safeguarding Officers (online) (*auto-enrolment for Club Safeguarding Officers who attend the Safe Hands Workshop)

Here is a little further information on these courses:

ECB Safe Hands

This course is designed specifically for Club Safeguarding Officers in cricket clubs. The course is delivered by ECB trained tutors and County Safeguarding Officers.

All Club Safeguarding Officers MUST attend the Safe Hands workshop and refresh this training every 3 years. The training enables the Club Safeguarding Officer to:

Safeguarding for Specialist Roles (online)

'Safeguarding for Specialist Roles’ replaces Safeguarding Young Cricketers and is designed to support individuals in cricket who are working with children and young people.

‘Safeguarding for Specialist Roles’ is made up of one 60-minute module, suitable for everybody whatever their role in cricket, and four shorter bolt-on modules; one of which is the one for Safeguarding Officers:

For more information, please contact Karen Smith:

Other recommendations for clubs

We would recommend that clubs consider the following: