There are a number of resources available to primary schools, so that teachers can lead their own cricket sessions with confidence.

Informal Teacher Training

We can visit your school and deliver an informal teacher training session to multiple members of staff within your school. Depending on the time you have available we can tailor an informal training session to meet your needs. If you would like to arrange an informal teacher training session for your school, please contact Ali Goddard:

Formal Teacher Training

We deliver both the ECB Cricket for Teachers Primary and ECB Cricket for Teachers Secondary courses on an annual basis. More information on these courses can be found here.

We deliver a programme of Cricket for Teachers courses every year. For information on the nearest courses to you, please contact Ali Goddard:

Teachers School Portal

Chance to Shine has existed since 2005 and along the way they have learned a lot about how the game can inspire, engage and develop young people of all abilities.

Now, for the first time, Chance to Shine have captured, documented and shared their learning.

Throught the FREE teacher portal Chance to Shine have created a powerful bank of free resources for you and your school. These include lesson plans for cricket coaching sessions, instructional videos for all the skills and drills and top tips from the professionals.

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