Wiltshire Cricket

ECB Small Grant Scheme 2018 - Applications now open

Wiltshire Cricket has great pleasure in confirming the launch of the 2018 ECB Small Grant Scheme. This is the eighth year of the scheme but this year sees a slight change in terms of its focus.

What will the ECB Small Grant Scheme support?

The specific change for this year is that the scheme now aligns specifically to the following ECB national programmes:

  • Get the Game On – open to all affiliated clubs
  • All Stars Cricket – open to affiliated clubs participating in All Stars Cricket in 2018
  • Women’s Cricket – open to affiliated clubs that are actively engaged in women’s cricket programmes
  • U19 Club T20 – open to all affiliated clubs registered for the 2018 competition

Within in an application, it will be expected that there will be a clear link to one of the above initiatives. Below are the sorts of projects that will be accepted:

  1. Covers – supporting Get the Game On
  2. Family friendly facilities – supporting All Stars Cricket
  3. Improved changing facilities for women – supporting women’s cricket
  4. Great events – supporting U19 T20

*An obvious query from clubs at this stage might be around the fact that entry/registration for some of the above initiatives has not started yet. The answer to this is; a) it will be us as a cricket board that will make a decision on whether an application is to be supported and so through our own experience of working with clubs we will be aware of participation in each, and b) by the time of the closing date for applications most of the entry deadlines for each initiative will have passed

Supporting Documentation

The above bullet point information just gives a brief summary of the focus of the 2018 scheme. Attached below are two supporting documents:

Before submitting an application please ensure that you read the guidance notes in detail so that you are fully aware of all criteria for the scheme and all terms and conditions that will apply to an application.


  • Monday 18th December 2017 – Scheme opens for applications
  • Friday 23rd February 2018 – Deadline for applications to be submitted
  • Friday 23rd March 2018 – Deadline for County Boards to submit applications to ECB

What will happen after my application is received - how will Wiltshire Cricket manage the application process?

  1. We will firstly assess all applications against the eligibility criteria
  2. If the total sum of grant requests exceeds our budget we will consider doing the following in order to ensure that we meet our budget:
    - Reduce some grant requests to ensure they offer consistency with requests for like for like projects from other clubs
    - Make an assessment on value for money and impact of different projects
    - Put a cap on the maximum award we will offer to any project
    *None of the above measures will definitely happen. However, I have listed them to highlight the fact that following receipt of your application, Wiltshire Cricket then has the say on how much we wish to support each project prior to submission of applications to ECB
  3. In order to make a decision on the level of support to each project, we will meet formally as a Board to discuss each project and will communicate the process of how our decisions have been reached
  4. Despite the timeframe being 23rd March for submission of final applications to ECB we will endeavour to do this by end of February to ensure more time prior to the start of the season for projects to be completed.

*Once decisions have been reached on Wiltshire Cricket’s support for each project, we will then submit completed application forms to the ECB. It should be noted that even at this stage the ECB reserves the right to determine the final award amount and this will be confirmed in the offer letter to the club

Other important notes

Just some final considerations for clubs…

  • Clubs that applied in 2017 CAN apply again in 2018, but it must be for a different project theme
  • The possible award given to one club can be between £1,000 and £4,000
  • Clubs will be required to provide a minimum 10% partnership funding for their project
  • Two quotations will be required with your application