Under 9s Cricket

Why Under 9s Cricket?

Since the launch of All Stars Cricket in 2017 and latterly Dynamos Cricket in 2021, Wiltshire Cricket, through its fantastic network of clubs, has developed both programmes to the point that we are viewed as one of the leading counties in the country. Our registrations as measured against our county demographics show that we are over performing in terms of Wiltshire’s proportion of sign ups as a percentage of national sign ups. This means that collectively Wiltshire’s Cricket’s clubs are doing a great service to the game in terms of inspiring the next generation of young cricketers.

The importance of Under 9s Cricket

Given the fantastic numbers we are seeing within All Stars and Dynamos Cricket it is really important that we have a strong Under 9s offer throughout the county in order to:

  1. Capitalise on the high interest levels from our All Stars and Dynamos programmes
  2. Provide exposure to the first form of competition for our young cricketers
  3. Ensure there is a competition format to bridge the gap between All Stars / Dynamos and the beginning of the WYCL offer at Under 11s

Supporting Documentation for Under 9s sections

Please find attached the following documents:

We hope these documents prove helpful when delivering Under 9s activity