ECB Advanced Coach (Level 3)

Players need coaches with expertise, support and passion at every stage of their development. At all levels of the game coaches can make a difference to a player’s experience and help them enhance their performance.

The challenge for all coaches is to learn as they develop, just as players do. Therefore, the ECB have developed a programme that will help you challenge your current coaching practice and further your knowledge and understanding in a variety of areas.

Programme Outcomes

This programme has been designed to build on your experiences and give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to help players improve their game as well as developing a wide area of expertise when coaching individuals, units and teams.


This course will comprise of the following content:

Who is it for?

For coaches working with players and teams all across playing environments that hold an ECB level 2 qualification or equivalent.


Pre-requisites for certification

Upcoming courses

The ECB Advanced Coach course is not managed by Wiltshire Cricket. Courses are organised and delivered centrally by ECB. Details of upcoming courses can be found here